Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The TV Trials

Did the title suck you in? Are you expecting some juicy gossip?

If so, you are out of luck.

This is the tale of moving a new tv into the house without Dave’s help. Oh my.

Long story short, a friend of mine at school decided she was going to give away a pretty new 32 inch television to the first person who replied to her give-away email. Lucky me was sitting at the computer eating my lunch when her email popped into my inbox.

Lucky me, indeed. I ended up being the first person to answer…..but there were about 15 people after me who did also……all within seconds of each other.

Did we need another tv? No, but ours in our bedroom croaked two months ago. It just kept changing channels all on its own and could not be turned off. (cue Twilight Zone music)

Did I want it? Yes. (I know, I have needs/wants issues. I’m working on it.)

Did we watch it a lot? No, but it was nice to have to hear the news in the morning, check the weather or Sports Center, and for the weekends when the girls wanted to get up early but we didn’t.

So today, I went by my friend’s house to pick up the tv. Just she and I. What a plan.

Hah! We bent down to pick it up off the floor and about keeled over. That thing was heavy!

Okay, new plan. I called Katie and Alex to see if they were close by to see if they could help. No such luck. Rats.

We were on our own. Somehow, magically, we were able to maneuver it to my van without killing our backs or dropping the tv. How, I don’t know.

All the way home, I was trying to figure out how on earth we were going to get the danged thing out of the van and into the house. I could just see us dropping it and there goes the free tv.

Thank goodness for slaves teens.

First task, move the office tv upstairs to my room. Now, it is not as big as the new one but it is pretty flippin’ heavy. Holy Toledo. I struggled assisted while Alex carried the *%&$ thing to my room.

Whew. One down, one to go.

As I stood there, breathing heavily, I told Alex we were not going to be able to carry the tv to the office. There was no way. New plan.

I moved the rolling tv stand to the kitchen so all we had to do was move it from the van, through the garage, and into the kitchen. Piece of cake.

Guess what? That stinkin’ tv did not weigh any less the second time around than it did the first time. In fact, it probably weighed more. But we got it onto the tv stand and successfully pushed it back into the office.

The kids now have a bigger tv for movies and games. And I have a tv for news, weather, and the Disney Channel. You know, vital channels.

And my back? It hurts. I’ve already taken Motrin. I should be in great shape tomorrow.

Me, with a sore back, shoulders, legs and who knows what else AND twenty kindergarteners.

I don’t think Motrin is going to be enough tomorrow.

I think a large diet coke is in order. Mickey D’s, here I come!


Tara said...

oh wow.. yeah what were you thinking??? We have one of those mystery tvs that change channels and turns back on as soon as you turn it off.

Jboo said...

Yeah, those teens come in handy once in a while! Yay for you for getting the new TV for free! Won't your Hub be delighted! Now, go rest up for your kindergartners tomorrow!


Denise said...

Oh my goodness! Once I got a tv for Ross. It was an old flat screen tv that had a huge heavy back to it. I have no idea what that thing weighed but there was NO WAY Ross and I could carry it and I can lift a lot.

Laura L. said...

How cool that you got a new TV. I can imagine the difficulty you had wrestling those TV's around. Oh my. I can see why you might be sore.
I'd bring you a Diet Coke myself if I could. Diet Coke is a great cure-all.
Alex has certainly been the helper this week! Thank goodness for strong boys.

day by day said...

Oh, boy! How cool to get a new TV for free!!...although, I guess it is not really free with all of the work it created for you. Gotta keep our teens busy though, right? lol!

Carey-Life in the Carpool Lane said...

Oh...will you please pick me up one too. And maybe a small fry...

Maybe you should call in sick tomorrow and rest your sore back in bed while watching TV?

Margaret M said...

We are one of those families that owns one TV. It is in the family room and we all have to fight (have healthy discussions, whatever!) over what to watch. I would love a new TV for my room...maybe one day!