Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Case of the Red Knees

Day three in Panama City. Please tell me it will be warmer!

I headed out to the local grocery store early this morning to restock the essentials: milk, fruit, and toilet paper. You see, we are renting a condo where paper products are not replenished. I brought some with me but…..we needed more.

Hey, we have seven people here. You got a problem with that?

But as I was out shopping, I realized that I was warm---for the first time all week. Whoo hoo! The wind is gone….or it is significantly less blowy. Do you like that word?

Beach bound and truckin’, baby!

Bathing suits on. Check. Sunscreen on. Check. Cooler packed. Check. Let’s go!

We loaded up our gear

and headed for the sunny shore.

Ah, bliss.

The little ones spent the day playing in the sand building castles and anything else their little hearts desired. They had the wonderful assistance of cousins which both greatly enjoyed.

Anna Grace loved to be buried in the sand (makes my skin crawl just to type that) so she enlisted Katie to help.

She spent most of the day crawling around in the sand and smoothing it on herself like it was lotion. Ick. Might explain why it took so long to clean her tonight, huh?

Hours were spent enjoying the sun and sand today----with food and sunscreen replenishment. Everyone needs a break at some point, right?

We returned home worn out from the sun and gulf breeze. Showers were quickly taken so we could de-sand ourselves. We looked over our bodies to see change in color---for those of you that actually turn a nice shade of brown. Me? With my pale Irish skin? I go from white to red to white again. No problem. I was slathered in SPF 30 today. I should be fine.

Except that I apparently forgot to coat my knees. So most of me is still lily white but my knees are bright red. Lovely, huh? Mystery solved and lesson learned. Be sure to completely cover your body before heading outdoors. But it’s still better than last year's spring break when all of me was red. Ooo, that was a bad week.

Tomorrow brings good weather, more food, a visit from Catlan, and our last full day in Florida. It should prove to be a wonderful send off…

I leave you with my favorite photo of the day…..


day by day said...

So glad you had a nice weather day today and another one on the way!!

I love that last picture, too!! : )

Carrie said...

I am coming with you next year!

Carey-Life in the Carpool Lane said...

Great pics! So are having warmer, more beachy weather...hurray!

wingepr said...

Glad you finally had some good weather, I hope it will head here before Sunday.

Enjoy your last day, and have a safe trip home.

Denise said...

Where's the picture of the red knees? Don't leave us hangin'!

I'm so glad if finally got warm enough to enjoy some fun in the sun on the beach.

Kristin said...

I was going to do a red knee picture but Katie just gave me "the look" and said, "Mom, that is just too weird."

So I caved to my 18 year old. Use your imagination.

But I'm likely hanging under the umbrella today to avoid any more mishaps!! My arms are partiallly the same way. This is what happens when you are in a hurry.

Don't rush the sunscreen!

Ashley and Mike said...

I hope that it warms up. I forgot a tiny bit of my forehead last week and it took me until today to realize that it was a sunscreen oops. I kept thinking that I slept funny on the top of my forehead.

Donna said...

Sand as lotion? Blech!! I hate sand. Hate it. Lily white skin? Got it. Tan? Not really. Glad you're having fun now!

The Johnson 5 said...

love the picture!!

But where is the one of your knees??


Ivy said...

Hi Kristin!

Wow, glad to see you are having a good time despite a little cool weather!
I've missed you:)) I've not been blogging as I should since I'm preparing for a photo workshop. But sure did want to stop by and say HELLO THERE since I had some time today!


Please keep in touch. I so love your blog!