Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Hip Mom, say what???

I was surfing around Facebook tonight and did the “What Kind of Mom are You?” quiz just for fun. After all, we all need a giggle or two each day just to survive, right?

According to Facebook, I am Pretty Hip for a Mom. I am, and I quote,

“You are doing pretty good! You know that being a strong mom is important and that you aren't perfect! You can laugh and cry with your kids! You demand respect and set a certain standard for your kids to follow! You are the MOM of the Year!"

Wow, aren’t I good??? I never knew.

Just tell that to my kids.

I know my teens are on the floor hysterically laughing. My mom? Pretty hip? Yeah right.

My only hope for redemption lies within the little ones. Who are currently going reading stories with daddy. Ah yes. They will back me up.

Until…I have the gall to say, be quiet and go to sleep. It is bedtime.

Whereupon Anna Grace pipes up with, “You are mean.”

End of being the Hip Mom.

So I ditched my usual routine of hanging out in the hallway outside their room until all is quiet on the western front. Which routine is detested by everyone else in my house. But my theory is, if she’s quiet, I know I will have a calm evening. She, of course, meaning Anna Grace. Otherwise, I spend the next hour yelling up the stairs to be quiet.

Sit in the hallway with peace.

Go downstairs and yell.

What to do, what to do?

Well, I ditched her tonight because I was irritated.

Abby, on the other hand, was sweet as pie. Kept saying, I am being quiet, mommy. Awww. My sweet and compliant long as she is not copying her sister. Heaven help us.

Quite a bit of screaming “I want my mommy” brought me back upstairs.

Yes, I fell for the old “I want my mommy” trick. Sue me.

A few hugs and rocks later, she is calmly in bed upstairs while I am happily typing downstairs. Abby, as always, is content in bed reading to herself. The big kids? Who knows.

Oh, maybe I’d better check on that.

All I know is, Facebook lied.

I am a cranky, impatient, brain-challenged, non-cooking kind of mom.


Kate said...

How can I be "Old fashioned and out of date" as a mom on one quiz but then be similar to Courtney Love on another, all in the same day! From now on I am sticking to the "which muppet are you" quizzes... I like Kermit.

Jill said...

You crack me up!!!!

Donna said...

I've gotta go take this quiz...come nighttime, I'm the mom who just wants to stop being NEEDED! Ugh! Bad, eh??

Margaret M said...

I will have to take this quiz. Maybe you should make up the real quiz. I think I am your kindred sister of the heart....I am totally a cranky Mom! Have a great week!!!!

Denise said...

You ARE a hip, cool mom. You're kids just won't let you be the real you!

Oh, and by the way, "I want my mommy" is like the kiss of death to my resolve. If only little Emma knew that all she had to do was cry "Momma" in the most pitiful of voices and Momma would TOTALLY cave on the bottle issue. Good thing she hasn't figured it out.

Carey-Life in the Carpool Lane said...

Before I even get to you lst lien, I'm thinking "what kind of mama would I be considered?"... And wondering if sleep-deprived, blog-addicted exhausted mama is one of the categories!

Cute post!

Jboo said...

Hmmm-- you sound like a very hip mom to me! And our girls sound a bit alike on the bedtime rituals! Have a great day!


The Johnson 5 said...

don't you love those quizzes!

Maybe you have parts of all those mommies in you.

I also don't want ot be a cool mom but I want to talk to them and be able to listen. That's my hardest part, just LISTENING!

Hey were all just a bunch of works in progress!