Saturday, April 25, 2009

A Bubbly Adventure

This morning, the three girls and I headed out to

to do some necessary shopping. You know, Benadryl, Sudafed, and Kleenex. It’s that time of year.

While there, I thought I would be nice and buy

for the girls. I’m such a nice mommy, huh?

Alex and I spent the afternoon getting sweaty pulling weeds which is absolutely NOT my favorite thing to do. However, duty called. While we worked, the girls played outside with their new bubbles. I was extra nice and bought them really big bottles.

I was actually thinking ahead. Big bottles of bubbles equals lots of entertainment. Lots of entertainment equals more quiet time for mom.

But when I rounded the corner to check on the hooligans girls, I found a lovely sight awaiting me.

They had dumped out both bottles of bubbles on the patio and were happily prancing through the mess.

Guess where all the bubbles are now?

I vowed to never buy them bubbles again.

Anna Grace said, “you won’t remember.”

Wanna bet?


Denise said...

Uh oh! Look on the bright side, now you don't have to give them a bath!

Tara said...

haha kids are so cute!! Sad thing is that if it were one of my kids that said I would not remember... they would be correct!

Kim said...

Sorry but I'm LOL at your expense only because it really is cute when it's someone else's children. Believe me I would of said the same thing.

Kristin said...

What? No bath? You've got to be kidding. Whew. Bubbles, plus water when I turned the hose on the patio----and them----and Georgia clay equals mud. They needed a bath. So at 5:30, they were in the tub and in the house for the night. :-)

Glad to offer some amusement for you today! And NO, I will not forget.....even though I am old. Anna Grace just hopes I'll lose more memory faster or I'll give in. Ha! Don't hold your breath, kid.

Jboo said...

Yikes!! No more bubbles -- it will be a long spring/summer without bubbles!!

My girl and neighbor used up an awful lot of bubbles the other day too and I thought I bought a lot!

Have a fun weekend!


Julie said...

we had the same senario only all the bubbles were in Jane's hair. Nice.

Laura L. said...

Oh wow, I'm sure that was a lot of bubbly fun. Kids! Those 2 probably get into lots of little messes, huh? I can just imagine them coming up with all kinds of fun.

Carey-Life in the Carpool Lane said...

Ahhh...but they are cute little hooligans!

Faith, Hope, and Love said...

You crack me up! My girls did the same thing all over the deck. Then they have the nerve to ask for bubbles...hello! Girls, girls, girls....

Hope you have a great weekend!


ralph said...

heeheehee! i'll send my kids to your house to play in the clay-colored bubbles with your kids. meanwhile, you come to my house and we'll pull weeds by sitting on the porch and yelling, "pull, jim, pull!"


The Johnson 5 said...

I love that.
No not the pouring out the bubble thing, the WANNA BET!!

You go momma!