Monday, April 20, 2009

Lost in Time.....

I am in a time warp. Time seems to move faster than it should. Why is that? Am I really that old?

Don’t answer that question. I already know the answer.

It seems my days go by faster than I expect. What is on my “to-do” list gets put off each day. Y’all, that makes me crazy! Technically speaking, my weekends should be full of things to do “on the list” but naps and general laziness take over.

Not a good combination.

Now Dave has left us for a month of leisure work in China.

No, there is no leisure involved. I put that in there because I know he reads the blog when he’s traveling. Just had to make a smart remark. :)

He’s the one who makes sure we turn on the dishwasher, unload it, take out the trash, put clothes away, take a bath (my least favorite activity for girls), make it to church with my little monsters girls, you know, stuff like that.

When we were in Florida a few weeks ago with my sister and her boys, my nephew said (about his dad being in Iraq), “There is no one home to keep us in line anymore.”

Sounds like my house right now. And Dave’s only been gone for seven hours!

I hope to keep the blog updated for the foreseeable future although Facebook beckons me more. But my stodgy husband won’t join Facebook. In fact, he looks at me with disdain when I have my handy dandy laptop on the couch while he surfs the cable channels.

(This should make for an interesting Skype conversation once he’s in China, huh?)

I am sure I can create posts of the kids to amuse you. At least, I hope so.

This month will be a month of endings. School draws to a close in 28 days (and yes, I am counting!). Anna Grace graduates from kindergarten; Abby will move onto Pre-K4; Alex into his sophomore year. I know, not a huge deal……

But Katie has Honor’s Night, Baccalaureate, Yearbook Bash, and Graduation all in the next few weeks. Toss in Prom, Senior Night for baseball, and who knows what else…you’ll see Alex will be making some bucks babysitting. He’s excited about the money part….not the babysitting part.

That is a taste of things to come.

I will try my best to keep up with it all. I have some ideas churning in that old brain of mine of posts to do.

If only time will allow.


NeuroMama said...

Well, you definitely have to post all of Katie's senior stuff, especially prom photos! Inquiring minds want to know all about it.

Jboo said...

Oh man -- you have A LOT going on there!! Senior year -- so sweet!!


day by day said...

I know just what you mean, Kristin! I also have a very hard time keeping up with the things I need to keep up with!!

The Johnson 5 said...

hang in there girl. I love to make a list and then watch the things get scratched off after I do them. I know it sounds silly, but its like a little reward for me, that and the Chick Fil A sweet tea I buy myself after :)

Faith, Hope, and Love said...

I can't wait to see all the "happenings" over the next month. And I totally get what you are saying about time. Didn't the kids just go back to school last week??? Seriously!


Julie said...

Is Dave missing graduation?

Hang in there! I hate it when Tripp is out of town. The first time he left for an extended period of time and by extended I mean more than 2 days I realized just how much he does silently around here.


Margaret M said...

you can do it. I am amazed at how much more organized I have become recently by having to do it all myself. I do not post as often as time is an issue. Enjoy Spring and all that is to come!