Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Big Brother is Watching......

Yes, Big Brother is watching you.

Not in the global sense, of course. What, did I scare you?

Alex has watched the little girls quite often while I run errands. It’s going to become common place next year when Katie is gone. But for now, he’s usually not the key person in charge unless it’s necessary.

Now, that makes it sound like the boy is incapable of babysitting his sisters. No, that’s not the case……although I sometimes worry about coming home and what I’ll find.

It can’t be any worse than coming home once before when Alex was in charge and Anna Grace had written on the couch with permanent marker WHILE he sat there playing video games.

It also can’t be any worse than coming home one day after daddy was in charge only to find out the girls had decorated Katie’s carpet with make-up while he was downstairs watching sports.

Last night, I didn’t have any choice. It was Honor’s Night for Katie, Dave is gallivanting about China, and the girls really could not come with me. Golly gee, can you imagine? They can’t even handle Mass for an hour much less Honor’s for two or more! I’m already dreading Graduation, but I digress.

But last night meant having to call daddy on Skype, brush teeth, read stories, and put them to bed. He’s never done that before. To say I was nervous was an understatement. I knew Alex could handle it but the girls? Only having Alex at bedtime? How would it go?

I had my phone set to silent during the awards program just in case. I had a few texts like: “can they play on the computer”, “yes we called dad”, and “they are going to bed now” kind of thing. I had one call from him too which freaked me out but it was only for the girls to say goodnight.

So, as I calmly impatiently sat through Honor’s Night, Katie was awarded her gold tassel for finishing four years of high school in the Gifted/AP program, the gold rope for graduating with Honors, and the gold stole for being part of the National Honor Society.

Katie receiving her National Honor Society Stole (photo courtesy of Tracy, Cat's mom)

Katie and Catlan (photo courtesy of Tracy, again!)

Katie and Natalie, her best friend and future college roommate

Katie, Catlan, and Natalie

I came home to a quiet house. Wow. Well, except for my company of Anna Grace beginning at 11:30 pm, it was a quiet night.

And then…..

This morning, we were driving to school and chatting about last night. Anna Grace mentioned that she cried at bedtime because she wanted her mommy.

Nothing new there but how did it play out?

Upon questioning, Abby said,

“Alex hugged Anna on her bed until she felt better.”

I teared up.

I know he enjoys his sisters but they get on his ever-lasting nerve. But last night, he was the daddy. He took care of them.

Flashback: when I got home last night, Alex gave me his grinning thumbs-up sign and said,

“I put them to bed!”

Huge strides made this week.


All my kids are really growing up.

To my blogger friends: I truly have not forgotten you. I try desperately to read your blogs when I can, but time seems to get away from me. Maybe this weekend, I can finally get caught up. I will be back, I promise! Being a full-time working mom to four whose husband is traveling is rather challenging. My hat is off to all my friends whether single, married, working, staying at home, who are able to keep their heads above water. Right now, I am treading and sinking. :-)


Tara said...

Great Job Katie!! YAY ALEX!!!WOOOHOOO. He sounds so much like Conner. I would have Avery watch Kennedi and be a little nervous but Conner I would be a lot nervous. Its all because of the darn video games too!!!

Denise said...

You're doing great and so are your kids. I LOVE it when my kids step up when I need them! Alex is growing up. Kudos to him! And kudos to you!

Love ya girl, keep treading!

Jboo said...

What a great big brother!!

And congrats to your Katie -- I'm sure you are so proud of her!


Margaret M said...

You will make it!!! As the newly single mother of 2 wee ones, I have faith in you. Although 4, okay so I'll pray for you! HUGS!

NeuroMama said...

What a lovely story about big brother. And, what a great mom to raise such a wonderful young man!

Congrats to Katie on all of her accomplishments. What an exciting time for her. The last summer before college is about to begin...wow!

McNew Family said...

Nice to meet you, Kristen! I found your blog and glad I did! I sure know what you mean about littles not sitting still - how did we do it with the olders? Ha! Kind of like labor - you forget the bad parts, I think! Come one over and meet us - mcnewfamily.blogspot.com.



Carey-Life in the Carpool Lane said...

Awww...I love sibling love! The part about Alex and Anna almost made me tear up!
Congrats to Katie! You both should be so proud of her hard work!

Laura L. said...

Congratulations to Katie! Such an exciting time of her life.

That's great about Alex, it really is. Sounds like he did a great job. How sweet that he comforted Anna.

I have to wonder if our son would do so well. If you haven't read about our little fiasco of last, be sure to do so. LOL

wingepr said...

First, Congrats to Katie.
Second, What a great son, its the same way between PaulPaul and Grace. Its so sweet sometimes.

Last, I know the feeling, Saturday is almost here, hang in there.

The Johnson 5 said...

Congrats to your girl, that is SO much to be proud of.

I loved to here about your Alex, my Alex has started the "babysitting" thing of his brother and sister sometimes and I am so happy that he is responsible enough to do it but it is also bitter sweet.

Hang in there girl, doggie paddle works for me :)