Friday, May 1, 2009

Adventures in Abby-land

Aww, don’t they look so sweet? I mean, really. Can’t you just eat them up? Cuteness reigns.

The ringleader, also known as Anna Grace

The queen of copycatting, also known as Abby

Don’t be fooled…

Earlier this week when I picked up the girls from the daycare, I happened upon Miss Abby enjoying her stint in time-out instead of having outside time. Hmm. What’s up with that?

Turns out she had been told three times to stop climbing over the side of the playset but chose to do it a fourth time.

To the wall, do not pass go, do not collect $200. (But if you do collect $200, it’s for mommy)

Ms. Jenn, her teacher, told her she hoped mommy would arrive while she was sitting. Abby said, “She won’t”.

Ha. Fooled you.

So we had a long talk about listening to her teachers and following directions. She was also told that if she had another hard day listening, she would lose something at home. That could be no outside time, no movies, no crayons, no playdoh, or something else equally as harsh. And, mommy would pick the punishment.

Gee whiz, I don’t think the kid believed me.

Katie picked the girls up yesterday and came home with the report that Abby had a very hard time listening to her teachers.

The warden I then enforced punishment. I chose to take away outside time since is currently the favorite activity.

The world came to a screeching halt. She looked at me in disbelief. What? I can’t go outside? But I want to!

Commence screaming for thirty minutes. It was lovely…..or so I heard. I ran errands with Katie and left Alex with the girls.

Today I sent a note in for her teacher telling her the punishment Abby endured. Said to remind Abby during the day of what might happen if she did not listen. Ms. Jenn also asked her why she lost her outside time yesterday.

The answer? It was Katie’s fault.

Say what?

Katie told on me.

Hmmm. Maybe she didn’t fully get it.

But she did have a good day today…except for wearing her clothes backwards and blaming mommy for it. Hey! I did not dress her today. She did it herself.

But evidently I didn’t look her over either before putting her in the car.

Oh well.


Ivy said...

HI Kristin,
How are you? I'm thinking of you and your family adventures.

Gee I haven't been blogging in a while and feel so bad I haven't stopped by earlier. How quick the winter flew by. Glad it's Spring. Sounds like you're having to play Capt. Mom these days! I'm now a Major LOL.

Take care and have a great weekend!

Tara said...

That is hilarious! Is this what I have to look forward to?? Poor Alex having to deal with the crying but that was way smart of you!!

Faith, Hope, and Love said...

ROFL!!! CRACK ME UP!!! Your blog is better than any program on tv....seriously...I laugh so hard...and that my friend is an accomplishment! :)

day by day said...

That is TOO funny!! It's all Katie's fault. lol!!

Have a great week-end!!!

wingepr said...

OK, I'm laughing so hard at this kid. She is going to keep you on your toes. How can something so cute be so full of ???? life!

I love that you left them with Katie and Alex, that was a smart move on your part!

Are you still letting their bangs grow out?

I finally did a facebook, and it is so addictive, its not funny.

NeuroMama said...

Some day, she'll have a little girl just like herself (or, at least you can hope she does)!

She's a smart one, for sure.

Jboo said...

They are both so cute!! Hope she has learned (at least for a while) her lesson!

Have a fun weekend.


Carrie said...

Too funny-but not for you I am sure! Yes don't you love built in babysitters? Do you have to pay them?

Kristin said...

Carrie, I don't usually pay them with money but do buy something they want, get pizza, or something like that. :-)