Thursday, May 14, 2009

Mommy's "Me" Time

As if graduation and other senior events aren’t already enough, just add baseball to the mix. Nope, not for Alex. For Katie.

You see, The Boyfriend is one of the starting pitchers for the high school team. The same team who is now entering the third round of State playoffs. The same team who did so well this season that they have home field advantage. Yes!

First rounds took place last week on my lost day. Second rounds were last night with a double-header. I was determined to go to at least one game. All by myself.

The girls love going to Catlan’s games but I then spend my time keeping an eye on them while they climb fences, throw rocks, play under the bleachers… know, anything EXCEPT watch the game.

So I prepped the girls that I was “going shopping” and they would be staying with Alex. All the way home from school yesterday, Anna Grace was begging to go shopping with me. I stood my ground and said no.

Poor Alex. I left him with a screaming, flailing, upset kid. I know, bad mommy. First daddy is gone for a very long time and now mommy ditched her. Sigh.

But let me tell you, having time by myself was so nice. I was able to sit at the game, chat with Tracy (Cat's mom) and watch the events unfold without the distractions of short people. Can’t say the same for the big people.

Distractions? Yes, there were some at this game------primarily organized by my kid. They had to outdo the other team’s fans, of course. Check out the paint jobs. Thank goodness I teach kindergarten and have lots of paint, huh?

Hint: Katie has the big 3 painted on her stomach.

Photos courtesy of Tracy and facebook

I had to leave after the first game to get Alex to soccer practice. I walked in the house and heard Anna Grace ask, “What did you buy?”

Huh? Oh yeah, I was “shopping”.

I told her I couldn’t find anything to buy. Alex just gave me the look. Hey, sue me.

Despite the noise, or because of it, the boys won both games putting them into the third rounds for State. I will make it to one of the next games on Tuesday for sure. But alas, I will have to bring the girls.

Unless daddy is too tired to stay at work all day because of jet lag. Ah yes, that will be the plan. Let’s hope daddy is tired and needs to come home early.

After all, being at home with the little ones is sure to wake anyone up!


Jboo said...

So glad you had an outing on your own! What fun!! Great photos!


Carrie said...

Oh so glad, you hubby is coming home soon!

Denise said...

I've been leaving my kids a lot more lately and I feel incredibly guilty. Why is that? Why shouldn't we moms get some time without our kids? Whenever I go out alone I have to point out to my 11 year old that I don't whine and cry when she goes to HER friends house. Why is she whining and crying when I do something. Yeah, still doesn't work.

Yeah! Daddy's coming home!

Donna said...

I know how amazing it is to have time to yourself! We just don't get enough of it! Good for you :)

Carey-Life in the Carpool Lane said...

Sounds like you had a nice night to yourself,!

a Tonggu Momma said...

I "go shopping" sometimes, too. Glad the husband will be home soon.