Monday, May 11, 2009

The Next 24 Hours.....

Continued from yesterday.....

After our dinner of leftovers whatever you want, we moved into the bedtime routine.

7:30 pm Girls in the tub, rub a dub dub. No guarantee how clean they are because they washed themselves.

8:00 pm Stories on mom’s bed. Oh no, not that book again. Groan.

8:30 pm Bedtime. Yes! Anna Grace in my room (I know, I know, but at least she goes to sleep), Abby in theirs.

8:30 pm Dinner for mom, facebook time, email chatting with daddy.

10:00 pm Headed to bed via a stop by each big kid’s room to thank them for the help during the day. I, of course, started crying again. It had been a day, let me tell you. Katie was on the phone with Catlan when I came in the room. Usually she just answers me while putting him on hold. But when she saw I was upset again, she promptly hung up on him and said, “Do you need a hug?”

4:30 am Up when storms rolled through. Now there were three people in my bed. Yippee.

5:30 am Out of bed, getting ready for school.

7:00 am Chick Fil-A drive thru for breakfast after dropping Abby off at school

7:30-2:30 pm A crazy day with crazy kids. Thirteen more days!!

2:30-4:30 pm Prep for the week.

Side note: I had told Anna Grace’s teacher about our day yesterday. Both she and the assistant pulled AG aside at the end of the day to talk with her about being mean to mommy. Both times, she cried.

5:00 pm Arrived home.

And.......I arrived home to the smell of freshly baked cookies and an unloaded dishwasher.

Thank you Katie and Alex!!


Jboo said...

Yay for the cookies and empty dishwasher!! Hope the next few days go better for you! :)


NeuroMama said...

Oh, Krisin! I'm sorry you've been having a tough time. I've been thinking about you and hoping that things get a lot easier once you're on summer vacation. Also, I am so envious of those two teenagers you have. What I wouldn't give for a second (and third) pair of hands.

And, no, I don't Facebook. I just don't like the idea of "friends" from the past being able to look me up and send me messages. I'd like them to stay where they belong, way far away from me!

Denise said...

What sweet kids! The older ones, the younger ones too when they want to be, but in this case the older.

Hang in there!

Margaret M said...

Thinking of you! So happy to hear about your older wee ones taking care of their Mom...makes my heart feel full for you! Hugs dear bloggy friend. (Then you mentioned the 13 days left and that makes me want to hurt you! We are here with kiddos until June 5th and teachers until June 15)...Now I am hating all of those snow days!

Carrie said...

and all is well!

Carey-Life in the Carpool Lane said...

Awww...sounds like the next day proved to be better...but again, a regular mom day!

I don't suppose your oldest two want to swing by my house?

And what is Chick Fil-A? We don't have it in California but I've seen many a post about their sweet tea?!?!

The Johnson 5 said...

I'm so glad the eveing went better. My Mother's Day brought me to tears also. That's a story for another day. Maybe one day during the summer you and I can find a half way Chick Fil A :)