Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Lost Day

Lost. No, not the show. Never watched it.

Lost as in can’t locate. Me? Can’t find something? Shocking, I know.

But as I spoke with my mom tonight, I realized I’d lost an entire day full of events. I also evidently neglected to tell her I am moving to fourth grade next year. Whoops. I’m telling you, I’ve lost something……..my mind and my sanity.

The Lost Day. That would be last Thursday. If my memory is correct, which it’s probably not, I raced home, and then, hmmm. Not sure. Let’s check my facebook status from that day.

Okay, here we are: updated the blog, went to Subway, is dropping Alex off for his soccer game, hoping to catch some Viking baseball (Catlan already scored two homeruns!), all before heading to Katie's yearbook banquet WITH the girls. Pray for me.

Ah yes. Headed to the yearbook banquet with the girls. But I had a few things in my favor. Subway for them for dinner and brand new markers/coloring books. We did lots of talking about being quiet during the talking parts, being polite with all the grown-ups, and anything else I could toss in.

Fortunately, they were pretty well behaved. They were able to convince another mom to sit and color with them. Her son is a junior so hasn’t had little ones in a while. She was taken in with their cuteness. If only she knew…..after all, those are the markers that just got thrown away on Sunday.

Now, at the same time we were at yearbook, Alex was playing soccer in a neighboring town. He called me when he was on the way home.

Guess what, Mom? What Alex? I got a red card (in soccer, this means he was tossed out of the game). I didn’t believe the kid. He finally handed the phone to a friend so I could ask about it.

Sure enough, he got thrown out of the game AND cannot play in the next game. What did he do? He was playing goalie and pulled an opposing player down so he could not score. This is evidently referred to as a “professional foul”.

I was a bit stunned so called Katie. Katie said, “Whoo hoo, Alex!” Say what? So I told Dave. He said the same thing. As did lots of my friends on facebook.

Huh? Getting kicked out of a game and banned from the next is a good thing? I guess in soccer status, it is. All I know is, it means I don’t have to be at the next game since the boy can’t play. I can just drop him off.

Oh my. Got to run. A certain child just drew on the velour bar stools with pink ball point pen while another certain child sat there and watched.

What’s up with that?


Jboo said...

Well, you've so busy lately, I'm actually surprised you haven't a lost more than a day! Hang in there! And teaching 4th grade -- what do you think about that? Probably a nice change, I hope.


Margaret M said...

Always remember that they are on one team. They will never tell on each other! Glad you survived.

Denise said...

Never watched LOST? How can we possibly be friends? They do say opposites attract...

Faith, Hope, and Love said...

ROFL!!! Sometimes my life doesn't feel so crazy after I read your blog! :)

Hope you are well! I've been MIA on facebook.


Carey-Life in the Carpool Lane said...

Woohoo Alex! Actually, what do I know? I'm just coping everyone else!

Laura L. said...

This time of the year is always so crazy, busy! Add to that, the fact that you teach, you have one who will soon graduate, hubby is out of the country. I too am surprised you haven't lost more than one day.

If I lived near, I would absolutely love to help you with the girls and give you a break. Wish I could.

Hairspray can help remove ink, if you ever need it. There may be more ink in your future. It could happen. I know, not funny.

The Johnson 5 said...

Lost days are the story of my life sista!!