Thursday, February 5, 2009

Terrific Thursday....and other stuff

It’s a terrific Thursday because it means tomorrow is Friday! How much better can the week get? Well, based on this past week, it should be pretty darned good. After all, I can only go up. Here are a few highlights.

*Anna Grace decided that behaving in church is not something she wants to do. When she gets this way, it is nearly impossible to get her to cooperate. Such a lovely church experience, don’t you think? It makes for a very meaningful time. “If you don’t sit down and hush…..”

*It rained on Monday which meant no outdoor recess for my high strung class. The rest of the week has been in the teens and twenties which is pretty stinking cold for Georgia. However, we have been outside each and every day. Cold weather? Nah, it isn’t cold. Suck it up and play. (shiver, shiver)

*The fan in my van went out. It still works but only on high. Yes, you read that right. My heating or cooling only runs on high. And, for an even more fun experience, turn off the whole system. It makes lots of loud noise. The guys at the garage looked a bit dumbfounded when Dave told them the issue. I’ll drop it off this weekend to await the glorious outcome (ie: how much will it cost).

*I spent one afternoon right after school at a birthday party for one of the boys in my class. He is friends with Anna Grace so she was invited. Therefore, I got to spend all day with my class AND an additional two hours with them at a party. Yes, I was with my class for a very long time. Whew. But I did get to visit with the parents of my kids so that was a plus.

*I have been fighting a cold for the past week or two. I feel okay but am hoarse most nights. If only everyone would listen better during the day…I wouldn’t lose my voice! But try telling that to twenty kindergartners who want to rule the roost. Half my class falls under the “leader” category. Makes for a busy day----and loud. Nuh uh. Yuh huh. He’s being mean to me. She took my toy. He's bothering me. She looked at me funny. And so on...and so on....

*When I went to do laundry the other day, I discovered that some nameless person used up the detergent but didn’t bother to tell me. Great. I didn’t have time to run to the store that evening but the little girls didn’t have any more socks to wear to school the next day. So, I dug through the laundry trying to find socks that weren’t too dirty. Yep, I did.

*I haven’t left school before 4:30 all this week. That’s late for me. But I had to go to the grocery store yesterday. I felt guilty leaving the girls at the daycare late so picked them up first. Big mistake. By the end of our short shopping excursion, Anna Grace was pitching a royal fit because I would not buy her a movie. Does she think I’ll fall for the old “I’ll scream until mom does what I want” trick? She’d better think again.

*You know what? It just amazes me that we are all so lazy that instead of going to find someone else in the house, we just yell. And then when the yellee cannot hear the yeller, a phone call is made instead. Yes, I am guilty of this too. I will call my kids on their phones instead of walking upstairs. I blame my old age, my bad knees, and my tiredness at the end of the day. Therefore, I am exonerated from all fault. Right?

*After being at the grocery store numerous times this week (after the detergent episode), I still neglected to buy parmesan cheese. So we had naked spaghetti last night. The poor dinner was exposed in all its natural glory. I apologize for the image that just flew into your head.

Welcome to my world. Tomorrow has to be better, right? After all, it’s the start to the weekend! Whoo hoo!!

You can thank me later for the laughs I inflicted upon you. I hope you weren’t hurt.


Jboo said...

Wow!! You have had quite a week! Yay -- Friday is almost here. Are you ready for the weekend -- hope so! Have a good one!


Laura L. said...

Oh boy, what a week!

I remember once or twice somewhere in the past, having to look through the dirty laundry for something. It had to be worn without washing. Kind of yucky.

I have been guilty once or twice of calling or texting my kids to ask something.
"Mom, are you really calling me on my cell phone from one floor away?"

Once, I had a text conversation with my son about what he wanted for dinner. He was only 1 floor away.

Carey-Life in the Carpool Lane said...

Tomorrow is a new day...and FRIDAY! I've been having a rough couple of weeks so I feel your pain. Today I started describing my youngest as the boy who just slammed into the terrible two wall!

Kim said...

LOL-no actually I'm relating. I always get a chuckle once we have everyone in the car on a Sunday morning and we're all grumpy but the minute we get into church everyone is smiling. If others only knew what goes on behind closed doors before we all get to church. Just one big happy family! Can certainly relate to the laundry, but I'm only admitting that to you. As far as using the cell phone to call a child 1 floor above - guilty.

Hope you have a relaxing weekend!

Darlene said...

that's funny about calling someone on the phone when they don't hear you calling. We are all notrious for calling each other instead of walking into the room.

We've had a lot of naked spaghetti lately too, because I keep forgetting to buy the parmesan cheese too!

Margaret M said...

You crack me up. We have had very similar weeks but I am just too lazy to type about mine! Thanks for sharing!

Denise said...

My blog roll missed this post!!! Ugh! Don't trust a blog roll!

Dig through dirty laundry to find matching socks?? Who ME??? (Guilty as charged) Naked spaghetti. Hmmm...sounds.. interesting... Shopping little ones? Remember how I let Emma and Ryan out of the shopping cart last week at Babies R Us? Yeah, Emma remembers that and now wants to walk in every store. My life is ruined.

Anonymous said...

Kristin, this post made me laugh out loud! God love you for keepin' it real and not being afraid to say so ;-)

I hope the van doesn't cost too much!

And by the way, that dialogue you described from your class is the same one I hear daily in middle school! That cracked me up!


wingepr said...

And I did Laugh!!!!!

I hope you feel better. Grace and I (and PaulpAUL) are fighting something ourselves.

Its Saturday Now!!!!!!! You survived another week. God Bless You, there is no way I could be a teacher.


The Johnson 5 said...

too funny.

I've done the sock thing before. I even made the boys re use baseball socks one time. (Hey don't judge me) if there not in the hamper, how can I wash them?!