Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Return of the Lazy Blogger

The lazy blogger strikes again. We’re off school this week for mid-winter break. I have no schedule, no pressing needs, and absolutely no motivation. We’ve been in our jammies until lunch time and doing a whole lot of nothing beyond that. Love it!

Honestly, I should be cleaning. Our bathrooms are in a sad state of affair. Please don’t come visit me or I may send you to the neighbor’s house to use the bathroom. Seriously. The laundry is caught up. I know you find that shocking based on my past laundry experiences. I did sweep today. Yeah for me. I just couldn’t take the dust bunnies anymore.

So what have we done instead?

On Monday, we planted a cheeseburger tree. The girls have been anxiously checking to see if it is growing. They’ve told several people all about it. Poor kids. Little do they know that they’ve been duped by the teens.

On Tuesday, daddy left for China. We dropped him off at the airport, went to McDonald’s for breakfast, and came home, The little ones were excited to see an email waiting for them from daddy showing them his airplane.

I know, not extremely exciting for the average reader but it was a big hit with the four year old crowd!

Wednesday dawned bright and early. Our morning was leisurely until I came out of the shower to get dressed and realized.....that my engagement ring was missing. We have been having issues with a nameless four year old who can’t seem to keep her hands off things that don’t belong to her. When asked about it, she went completely silent. No clues as to where the ring may be. To say I freaked would be an understatement. Fortunately, without any assistance from the shorter people in the house, the ring was located safe and sound. Whew.

We then took off for the library so mommy could get some much needed reading material. After all, what else do you do when there’s no school and you don’t want to clean? I know, blog and facebook. But I like to read too!!

Can you see what author I am currently hooked on reading??

We were also able to Skype with Dave in Shanghai. The girls think this is WAY cool and come running when they hear his voice.

They asked him all about his hotel room so we had a guided tour complete with pictures of the bathroom. Got to love little people!

Wednesday was also hair cut day for everyone. We were much overdue. The biggest changes came to Alex, Anna Grace, and Abby.

We are going to attempt to grow out the girls bangs which is why we went short for this cut. We’ll see how it goes!! Alex only kinda-sorta cooperated for his picture because I was holding his lunch ransom.

And let us not forget the icing on the cake for Wednesday. Two tornado warnings (not watches) while I was at a meeting at church while the kids were home alone. Yep. Got to love those kind of nights.

Which brings us to Thursday. I took all three girls to have their nails done at a local salon. Let me add that one of the mom’s in my class owns the salon and gives me gift certificates. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have taken them all!! But AG and Abby had a great time. They got to pick out their nail color, sat patiently (by themselves no less) while they were painted, and even got little flowers on their thumbs.

Our week is coming to a close which means school will soon be here. I think tomorrow will be one more lazy day before conquering the aforementioned bathrooms and the playroom.

Unless someone wants to volunteer to come clean for me. I could then spend three more days being lazy on the couch, with a book, eating peanut butter m&m's, diet coke, and the chocolate crispy treats that Denise is going to send me, all while while the girls run rampant through the house.

Any takers?


Denise said...

Clean? Have you seen the pictures of my house on my blog? Besides, I'm too busy making and eating chocolate rice krispy treats. And mailing.

Carey-Life in the Carpool Lane said...

Wow! It sounds like you've had a wonderful week...I love the little girls' haircuts. So cute! And the fact you took all the girls to the nail sweet!

Also, isn't Janet Evanovich such a good read? I also like the Sue Grafton series (ABCs vs. 123s).

Laura L. said...

Sounds like it's been a fun week!

Love the girls' haircuts. Really cute. :)

Your enthusiasm for cleaning sounds like mine at times. I think I cleaned about the same amount you did this week.

Good for you, going to the library and getting some reading material. I hope you get lots of time to read. I know you deserve it.

Carrie said...

Oh I wish he could swing by Anna Grace and giv eher a kiss for us-He is only two hours from her! I wish I could fit in his bag and go with him! I love to read- I am reading something really good but it is for the healing heart! Don't worry about the quilt- I am sure I can get at least a few squares from somewhere-Like my family who thinks I am not busy enough because I keep asking them about squares-LOL! Talk to you on facebook later!

Jboo said...

Sounds like a perfect week to me! Cute haircuts on your littles! That growing-out of the bangs seems to take forever. Cute fingernails --somebody at my house told me she needs her nails painted too. Enjoy those books!

Janet (though not Janet E)

Ashley and Mike said...

Sounds like we are having the same type of week. I actually take pride when I shower :) The first day out I passed some stay at home moms that were ALL dolled up and looked so cute. I was wearing a long sleeved t shirt, jeans and flip flops. So, yesterday since I am temporarily a SAHM I got as dressed up as my soul could handle. Jeans, sweater, shoes, jewelry. I found the whole experience to be completely overrated!

The Johnson 5 said...

your week sounds much like mine, right down to the tornado watches, gotta love Georgia!

The girls haircuts are so cute!

I'm trying to catch up on all of my laziness today. I'm trying to pack for our trip and get the kids ready for there weekend with the grandparents.

This week FLEW by I'm ready for spring break :)

JShannon said...

Malia loves getting her nails done! We go every two weeks. As soon as we walk in the door she goes right over to the polish rack and picks out a color then sits ans waits, they put little flowers of her thumbs too. She thinks its just the neatest thing, she loves it.

Julie said...

Hmmmmmm...perhaps we can put all teh children at one house and you and I can eat m&ms and read...

I am COUNTING the days until spring break. MY SPRING BREAK with both princesses still in school! It is going to be sooooo nice!