Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Aren’t these beautiful? They aren’t mine. Nope. They belong to Katie! Catlan picked her up for dinner tonight and gave her roses and chocolate. He’s making dinner for her too. What a great guy!! A tribute to his parents for sure. What other 17 year old boy is making dinner for his girlfriend tonight??

Dave and I don’t do much for Valentine’s Day anymore. Years ago, he would bring me flowers but then I’d complain about the cost. Then he only bought flowers when he got a speeding ticket. Such romantics, huh? Actually, he really is. I’m not.

Alex spent the day with a girl “with whom he has an interest”. Last year was a bad girl year so I hope this year is better. No elaboration but read what you want into my description of the year. “Nuf said.

Dave, the girls, and I? What did we do? We hit BJ’s and Wal-Mart (golly I hate that place---especially on Saturdays). Our mission? To find a new computer monitor for the one that croaked. We’ve been fortunate enough to borrow one from Dave’s office but need to return it. We also wanted to pick up two web-cams and sign up for Skype. Dave leaves for China in a few days. We’d really like to Skype this time! We haven’t installed both cameras yet so haven’t tested it. But we will before he leaves.

Dave is grilling baby back ribs for dinner. Yum! Had a slight mishap when putting them on the grill. Ran out of gas for the grill. Uh, not a good thing. So another trip to Wal-Mart for gas to resume dinner. Good thing we only live a mile away, huh?

The best news of the day? My van repair. You may remember my estimate was $900. Not a happy thing. We asked Heath, the mechanic, to find a used part if possible. He wasn’t able which was a big bummer. So we said to buy the new parts. After all, my fan running on high all the time was getting rather annoying. Try it and see for yourself.

Anyhow, we dropped the van off this morning expecting a 3 hour repair. An hour later, Heath called to say it was done. Wow! AND, the best news??? The new part was evidently two separate pieces with two different part numbers. He only needed one of the parts---a thermal switch. The place he ordered from said he didn’t have to buy both pieces….he could return what he didn’t need.

My total bill? $208. You read that right. $208.

I was psyched!

I didn’t need flowers today. I saved $700. That’s so much better.

My idea of romance!


Carrie said...

Congrats I like it that too!

NeuroMama said...

Well, it sounds like you got a great Valentine's day gift. You're not $700 poorer! Sounds good to me. Enjoy your ribs, if you haven't already. They sound yummy. Living with a vegetarian, I rarely get to eat such a carnivore's treat.

Donna said...

I like that kind of romance, too! And, I'm ya on the Walmart thing. I avoid it like the plague.

Carey-Life in the Carpool Lane said...

A thermal romantic!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Kristin said...

I got a fridge one year for Valentine's Day! A thermal switch is nothing....

Hee hee!!!

Denise said...

I think flowers cost too much too. I also have never been fan of roses. But I loved it when Darrell would pick up one of those mixed flower bouquets at the grocery store or Walmart. I didn't have to feel guilty about the expense but I got to enjoy fresh flowers.

Jboo said...

Wow -- great news on the car repair! That would make my Valentine's Day too!

Have a fun week!


wingepr said...

Awesome on the car repair bill.

What beautiful flowers. I agree there are not many 17 year old boys going to cook for a girl, most wont cook for themselves.

Paul has never been the type to bring home flowers, I would roll over if he did. I'm a big romantic myself.

Our first date was Valentines so we always do something if its just dinner.


Laura L. said...

Oh so glad to hear that the van repair was SO much less than what was originally estimated.
Babyback ribs! Sounds great.

I've tagged you with a 6th Photo Tag. Stop by and see if you'd like to participate.

The Johnson 5 said...

The Skpe thing sounds SO cool! That will be nice when your hubby is gone.

I'm so excited that your bill was 700 dollars less than you thought. That is a blessing for sure. It's also a blesing to have an honest mechanic!!

Ashley and Mike said...


Did you already buy a monitor? Mike bought a new flat screen one about a year ago and then boucght a whole new computer about 3 months ago that has one with it. Our new flat screen one is just sitting here. You want to use it? I really do not think we will ever need it.