Saturday, September 27, 2008

Santa shops at Kroger!

Did you know that Santa shops at Kroger? We didn't either until today! All three girls and I were on an (un)successful mission to find fall/winter clothes. We hit up Target, Kohls, Children's Place, and Gap. No luck. However, while we were shopping, Anna Grace saw a teenager who had dyed her hair jet black and was wearing a red bow.

"Mommy, I just saw Snow White!"

She was very excited. It took us a minute to figure out what she was talking about but then looked around and found the teen in question.
(For those not "in the know", Snow White is dark headed and has a red bow in her hair.)

But I digress so back to the real story: Santa!! On our way home, we decided to swing through Kroger to get some pizzas for dinner. Mom was too cheap to spring for real take out pizza.

Oh, and by the way, the Kroger gas pumps had run dry again. Good thing we filled up just five short hours ago---although we waited in line for a while.

Anyhow, we were walking through the store when one of the girls (I think it was Abby) basically ran into/tripped over this bearded gentleman. We apologized and kept shopping. Just after we checked out, he stopped me to say that she had not tripped over him but instead, he was in her way. He then proceeded to hand Anna Grace a business card. Anna Grace was walking about 4 steps behind me because she was mad at me. I wouldn't buy her a movie. Again, a mean mommy.

On the card was a picture of Santa with all his info. This gentleman plays Santa for schools, daycares, and parties. Anna Grace was rather taken aback as to why Santa would be shopping. We've had many questions since getting home. She was even more excited to see Santa's mommy (AKA wife) shopping with him too. :-)

You can tell your kids that we have Santa's phone number and will share with all the moms and dads out there!
After getting home and seeing his picture more closely, I believe he is the same Santa who has been at the girls parties at the daycare all these years. Very nice man!


Michelle said...

That's funny, Kristin! Snow White and Santa...both in one day. : )

What is going on with the shortage of gas in your area? I have not heard of anything like that around here. That sounds a bit scary.

Carrie said...

that is so cool!

Teresa =) said...

I think we need to shop where YOU shop...except Carson doesn't know about Santa yet and would probably rather meet Batman than Snow White. But, still, a celebrity is a celebrity!

Aren't you glad you were "cheap" and decided to buy pizza from Kroger?! What a memorable trip to the grocery store!!

Teresa =)

Margaret Miracle said...

What a sweet story even if it is hard to explain to a little one!!