Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Anna Grace and her stories

Two posts from me in one night. Wow! If you missed the one about the girls and their new friends, scroll down. :-) I just couldn't resist adding this story tonight.

Anna Grace was drawing tonight while I was making dinner. When she got done, she took the time to explain her picture.

As you can see, it's pretty elaborate. So, let me explain. Anyone that reads our blog knows that daddy travels often. He isn't gone for just a few days but for a few weeks at a time since he goes to Asia. This particular picture pertains to a China trip.

Mommy (AKA, me) is on the side outside of the house. According to AG, I am looking at the sky (airplane) saying, "Honey, where are you?". Oh and I have my glasses on instead of my contacts which explains the strange growths out of the top of my head. The four kids are all in the windows of the house. Note the sad faces. Up in the sky is daddy's blue airplane. Dave typically flies Korean Air out of Atlanta direct to Seoul before continuing to HK or Shanghai. Korean Air has blue planes. Oh, and he is currently home and has been for a few weeks. Guess she's just thinking of past trips.

According to Anna Grace, daddy was sitting in the airplane, drinking a batini (martini for those who don't speak AG), and waiting for a snack. While he waited, he looked like this:

I hope he didn't look like that! He might scare off everyone!


Ashley and Mike said...

HILARIOUS!!!! I love the story and love the face even more. I think I have that same expression b/c hubs calls me "Pancake Face" when I have a certain look. Wait till I scream....bring me a batini!

Michelle said...

Oh, I love that picture and the story behind funny!

Carrie said...

what a doll.