Monday, September 22, 2008

Alex's new toy

Alex just bought a new (used) Schecter guitar off ebay. He had some issues with it (ie: too hard to figure out how to tune since the bridge is more challenging that others) so wanted to sell it. After much discussion (read: yelling), we told him to keep it. Last night, Dave and I spent lots of time reading the info on the guitar and set it up correctly. Amazing what you can accomplish when you read directions. Hmm. Did I really say that out loud? Here are a few photos from today:

Anna Grace loves hanging out in Alex's room when he has the amp cranked. Abby, well, not so much. It's too loud for her.

I love Alex's room!

Sure, I'll smile for a picture. :-)

Me? Take a picture? I don't think so!

Excuse the messy room. After all, he's 14!

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