Wednesday, September 17, 2008

New friends :-)

My friend, Denise, ran a contest a few weeks ago. The winners received a new lovey especially made by her. Denise recently opened a sight on Etsy called Snug as a Bug Boutique which sells these cute friends!

Anyhow, she emailed me to say that my name had been drawn in the contest. Yeah for us! I never win anything. :-) She was so sweet and told me she'd send both little girls a new friend. Today we got home from school and saw this on our front stoop:

The girls were very excited! What is it mommy? Can we open it? Is it for us? Once we got in the house and opened it, their faces lit up. It was so sweet! We attempted a few pictures but nothing was great. See below for proof.

So after bath time, we tried again. Let's just say by this point, Anna Grace was just plain silly and wouldn't cooperate. It took many tries to get what we did! Alex said I was being a mean mommy to make them take pictures over and over again. Hey, if they'd cooperate, we wouldn't have to keep doing it! I thought these were cute but then realized the adorable pink bunny and bear blend right in with their jammies. Oh well. I tried. Sigh.

If you want one of your very own to bring a smile to your child's face, head on over to Denise's blog or Etsy site!! At the very least, go check out her family. She is a mom to six. Yes, six. And I think four is hard. :-)


Ashley and Mike said...

On my gosh, you are famous...oh and I "know" you!!! How exciting. I love the little bunnies. Off to check out her site.

Michelle said...

Yay for winning! Such cute little lovies and the pictures are adorable!!!

Denise said...

Yeah! I'm so happy that they like them. And I think the pictures are adorable!!!


Carrie said...

How lovely!