Monday, September 1, 2008

An Afternoon at Zoo Atlanta

Today bloomed into a cloudy, overcast day. We were hoping for a pool trip but it just wasn't in the cards. We discussed heading to the zoo. Dave often takes the girls to the zoo on a weekend so I can have a quiet afternoon. (Read between the lines: mommy can take a nap!) Sometimes I go along with them but never remember to take a camera. So today I decided to get off my lazy rear and go along with them for the afternoon. I have pictures of most of the animals because Anna Grace kept saying, "Take a picture of that, mommy!" I will spare you the endless animal photos and just share a few of the girls.

First stop, always the flamingoes.

With the maps telling daddy which way to go----like he doesn't already know.

The mommy elephant saying hi. :-)

Anna Grace


Daddy panda chowing down on his dinner. He seems oblivious that he is a new daddy again! A new baby panda was born at the zoo over the weekend.

Mei Lan, the "old" baby panda, is now a big sister!

Abby brushing a goat at the petting zoo. Just a few months ago, she wouldn't even go into the petting area!

On the carousel with daddy

On the train ride around the zoo

On the way home, we didn't want either of the girls to fall asleep for fear it would interfere with early bedtime tonight for school tomorrow. So daddy, the smart guy that he is, got them involved in a game of the alphabet game. You know that game. You probably played it when you were growing up. The point is to find the entire alphabet on road signs. The first one to 'z' is the winner. Today was a joint effort. But it kept them awake for the 30 minute drive home!!!
Note: What fun car games did you play when you were growing up? Or, what fun car games do you play with your kids now?

oh, and the girls dressed themselves today to match---I did not do that to them!


Carrie said...

that is so cute!

Michelle said...

We have not been to the zoo yet this year...keep talking about it, but not doing it. lol! Glad you guys had a fun day.

That is cute that the girls matched themselves! My girls like to match, too.

Love the smiles on your girls!!!

Have a great week, Kristin!

Ashley and Mike said...

I love the matching outfits! I think our plan is to stay in town all month. I have Mandarin class on Saturdays from 4-6, but could meet up during the day on the 13 or 27th or on a Sunday after church.


Amie@HeartSmiles said...

New to your blog! ;)

What a sweet picture. And so cute that they dressed alike!


Denise said...

You're shaming me!!! We haven't been to the zoo in years. Bad mommy, bad mommy. Oh wait, I went with Jenna last May with her pre-K class. Momnesia running rampant.

Car games. We always played the alphabet game when I was a kid with really strict rules: you couldn't use license plates, you couldn't look at signs going the other way, etc. I have heard of car bingo but never played it.

My kids are incredibly spoiled. They do have a travel game of Connect Four but 99 times out of 100 they are watching a DVD.

Denise said...

I forgot to mention the matching outfits! Jenna and Emma often wear matching outfits but its because Jenna, my 5 year old, insists on it! I have to admit they are pretty cute.