Tuesday, September 2, 2008

And he thought he was funny.....

Evidently Alex learned a new trick today at school. He figured out how to make the entire desktop display turn upside-down. Well, perhaps someone showed him how to do it but the point is, it's a new trick. He tried to "show me something funny" after school but he couldn't get it to work on my laptop. Oh well. I didn't ask for further clarification and just left it at that.

A few hours later, after dinner and after he's at soccer, Katie yells from the office. She wanted to know if the girls had gotten hold of the computer recently. Uh, no. Why? She explains what she is seeing. Hmm. My first thought is a virus. I start a scan--which is hard to do when the mouse is upside-down and not moving the direction you expect! I then brought my laptop into the office to do a google search on this scenario. I clicked on the first link I found and about half way down I read, "a great trick to play on your co-workers.". The light bulb went on. This was the "something funny" Alex learned at school today. I fixed it within seconds.

So if your display ends up upside down and you have a smart-aleck kid, try clicking Control + Alt + the up arrow. That should fix it.

Glad school is teaching him something. Geesh.

Update a few hours later: he walked in the door from soccer already laughing. What a twit! So Katie paid him back by putting the "blue screen of death" on the background of their computer. Unfortunately, he figured it out so the trick didn't work. Oh well. We'll find something else. Maybe something related to the new guitar he just ordered. Hmmm, let the wheels start spinning---hopefully they won't get stuck since this brain is pretty tired!


Carrie said...

yes One of my children did that but it was not a trick and it took us forever to fix it! Yeah he needs a pay back!

Amie@HeartSmiles said...

sorry, but that is funny. But it will be even funnier to see how you "return the favor! "


Denise said...

You really need to think of something sneaky! He deserves it for sure!

Kay Bratt said...

I'm glad I ran across your blog because this sounds exactly like something my teen would do--now I'll know not to panic!


Mary said...

I think I might play this 'trick' on Neil and Lindsay...MU-HA-HA-HA-HA (insert evil laugh, here! ;-) ).

Mary said...

Oh...I forgot to give you 'getting back' suggestions:

plastic wrap over the toilet seat

Vaseline on the door knob

short-sheet the bed linens

cracker crumbs at the foot of the bed

and when all else fails, flush the toilet when the 'offending' person is taking a shower (sadly this only works on older homes. :-( ).

Clearly I have an older brother and we spent a lot of time desperately trying to drive one another CRAZY!

Good luck and get 'em back!

Mary Rodin