Thursday, September 18, 2008

I'm from China too!!

Today at school, Anna Grace and her best friend "Mary" (names have been changed to protect the innocent) were doing their activity when their teaching assistant came by to check on them.

Mary pipes up with, "I am from China too!"

The assistant, Miss Karen said, "No you aren't Mary".

But Mary replied with, "Yes, my hair is just like Anna Grace's".

So sweet!

And, it made me realize that Anna Grace must talk about being from China while she is in school. Wish I could be a fly on the wall so I could hear what she says all day long.


Karen said...

That is so sweet!!!

Denise said...

Jenna is so proud that she is from China. Also she is so used to people asking where she and Emma are from that she often just offers the information when we tell people their names. I will introduce them and then Jenna pipes up "Emma's from Vietnam and I'm from China."

Her new best friend at school is from Korea. But last year at preschool several of the little girls in her class wanted hair like Jenna's. One even said she wanted to be Chinese when she grew up!


Faith, Hope, and Love said... cute!! Gotta love the innocence!

Have a great day!