Saturday, September 13, 2008

Homecoming...and a day for me!

This was Homecoming Week at the high school. Katie really gets into the school spirit thing; Alex, not so much! She participated in the daily dress up (or dress down days depending on how you look at it) as well as the Powderpuff football game. Unfortunately, the senior girls lost that game to the juniors but made up for it during the pep rally where they dominated at tug-of-war. Here are a few scenes from the week:

Katie with some of the powderpuff team after the game commiserating at Taco Bell

Katie and Catlan on Twin Day (she talked him into participating!)

Katie and her friends as the Powerpuff Girls for Super Hero Day

Catlan and one of their friends as Mario and Luigi

As for my me day: one of the parents in my class has a nail salon. On back-to-school night, she gave me a gift certificate for a manicure and pedicure. How sweet! I finally had time today to use it. It was two hours of quiet time for me---heaven! Tonight, Dave and I are heading out for Japanese once he gets home from church (ministry fair). This will be the first time we've been out alone in quite a while. The big kids will hold down the fort while we're gone. We often eat alone but haven't been out in a long time!

So, for my dad: Tonight we're going to "hot dog the kids and EYC it!"

Note: when we were kids and went to visit my grandparents in California, the adults would often head out to the Encinal Yacht Club for dinner (hence the phrase EYC) and leave us with our teenaged uncle. At one point, someone coined the above phrase. My dad relished in using this phrase when we were young to point out the fact that we were staying home but they were heading out somewhere fun!


Denise said...

I love that Katie has so much school spirit!!! My boys are like Alex and NOT into it at all. In fact, I think Ross' homecoming is this upcoming weekend and he doesn't even want to go-- its his senior year! I told him he HAS to go. He said he'd think about it.

I'm envious of not only your 2 hours of time alone but also your mani and pedi! My brother and SIL gave me money to get a pedi and I still haven't used it. Maybe I can con, I mean convince, the boys to watch the little ones for me so I can do it.


art said...

What a wonderful gift....and a great idea for Nathan's teacher.


Carrie said...

That is cute about your dad quote!>
Thanks for your prayers. I hope something good comes out of all of this!