Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sticks, Acorns, and Church....Oh My!

Sticks? Acorns? Church?

Say what?

What do sticks and acorns have to do with church?

Well, today was our annual church picnic. We had an outdoor Mass followed by lots of food, fellowship, and games.

Key word: outdoor.

You already know how hard it is to control my double trouble duo within the confines of the church building. Now give them the freedom of the outdoors, access to nature, and people galore…..

Oh my.

Chairs set up, rules discussed, Mass begun.

And guess who was in time out within five minutes?

Yep. Anna Grace.

In time out, in the parking lot, on the curb. Lovely.

Ran into my friend Tara who was also headed toward the parking lot. However, her daughter is one. Mine is six. Do you see a problem here?

After fifteen minutes, Anna Grace decided she was ready to return and try again.

Of course she wanted to go back. Just think of all the sticks, twigs, acorns, and dirt she could access.

The remainder of Mass was spent trying to keep the girls in their chairs, stopping acorn throwing at unsuspecting parishioners, ensuring no one got stabbed by a stick, and generally trying to maintain control.

Outdoor church is great in theory.

As long as you don’t have high maintenance kids like we do.


Jboo said...

Outdoor mass does sound like a great idea, but I'm sure there are so many distractions!

Hope you all have a great week!


Tara said...

at least you got to go back to your seats! Kennedi was running around like a madman the whole mass! She even climbed halfway up that pine straw pile yall were at. It was the longest hour of my life!

Carey-Life in the Carpool Lane said...

What a great idea to have mass outside! Is it frowned upon to use duct tape or rope to keep kids in their chairs? JK ;)