Sunday, September 20, 2009

A Visit to Church

I admit it. I am chicken. I dislike taking my little girls anywhere that might be challenging. The store, the mall, the library, church….well, you get the picture. Life can be very difficult at times.

Hmm. Let’s rephrase that. Life can be challenging most of the time.

Typically when we attend Mass, I have to leave during the service with a short person due to behavior. Usually that short person in question is Anna Grace.

Now, others around us will say the girls are just fine. But to me…..we have lots of work to do. Quiet whispers vs. loud ones; not needing a diversion such as pencils or crayons, no pouting, etc.

Today, we actually all attended Mass together. I was feeling brave.

We went armed with snacks already in our tummies and a notebook to write anything to our hearts desire.

But in that short hour, we had lots of funnies happen. I know you are just so shocked. My kids? Do something funny? Nah.


Abby noticed a statue of Jesus at one point and said, “Daddy, who is that?”

“Abs, who is on the cross up front?


“That’s who is on the statue is too.”

Abby in complete amazement…..”You mean Jesus got big? He was a little boy too? Not just a baby?”

Hmmm. Guess we’ve missed some major teaching points, huh?


Anna Grace spent the entire time making a list of her family and friends. I noted that Katie was way down the list. She had Mommy, Daddy, Anna Grace, Abby, and Alex at the top. Then lots of friends before remembering Katie. Made me sad.

But then after dinner she asked to Skype with Katie. Whew.


Abby spent all of Mass tugging at her underwear. Why? What is the issue? Turns out she was wearing them backwards. That would make me tug at mine too.


Dave was a Lector today which meant he did one of the Bible readings. Guess who made faces at daddy while he was reading? I will give you one clue. She is six.


Abby loves her big brudder. At one point during church, she wanted to sit on his lap. He refused to pick her up. Poor baby started to cry…...quietly. I smacked him (yep, I did), so he picked her up. She grudgingly agreed and somewhat smiled. Later during the Sign of Peace (hugs to family time), both little girls grabbed him to be picked up and kissed-----before mom and dad got kisses. Awww.


Anna Grace begged to sit down front today. “Daddy told me that Katie and Alex got to sit in the front when they were sweet.” Ah. That is the key point. They were sweet. You prove it to me a few times and we’ll consider it!


All this in just one short hour. Whew. Next week is a picnic and outdoor Mass. I think we’ll be okay then…..except for the leaves, twigs, acorns, and everything else that is a diversion.


But we’ll survive, right??


Tara said...

hmmm did you ever see me with my boys in church when they were little? They do make yours look like angels... wait... they STILL make yours look like angels.
We need to coordinate what mass to go to. That way we will both be out with kids (Kennedi I mean, not the boys.. I hope).

The Hams said...

Oh my am I getting small slice of what my life will be like in several years- oh the fun is just beginning! We start out sitting in the quiet room every Sunday, since we know that we would end up there eventually anyways =)

Faith, Hope, and Love said...

If you can tell me what the semon was about then it might mean your darlings weren't so bad. :) Most times I am not able to tell anyone what the sermon was about, if my toddler duo is there.

I have been saying for the past two months "Next Sunday we are going to Mass, ALL of us". But I keep chickening out. Mia Hope can't even sit still to watch a movie. I can't imagine taking her to church.

You get an A++ for bravery! :)

Have a great week!

McNew Family said...

Too funny, Kristin! I am already worried about Mass. It is hard enough with chick-a-dee I am really stressin' about Chicka AND Zabi together! There is something about trainin' the tykes from babes through toddlers and up opposed to starting the tranin' as toddlers or older when they start attending Mass. The only thing that is different as far as I can tell. Gotta do it, though - it is the right thing!