Thursday, September 17, 2009

Two Hours of My Life

Today I woke up organized. It happens so rarely that I took note of the event. You see, I actually thought ahead toward dinner, even though it was 6:00 in the morning, and took chicken out to thaw. Whoo hoo!

Off to school. A day spent molding little minds. A day spent with many funnies. After all, if you don’t laugh, you may cry.

The end of the day arrived. I texted Alex to tell him I had arranged for him to ride a different bus back to my school. By making this change, he would arrive twenty minutes earlier, thus we’re home earlier, we get homework done earlier… get the picture.

At 3:45, my phone rings. Where do I meet the bus? When does it show up? What? I can’t hear you. What?

Message relayed, acknowledged by teen. Whew.

At 4:00, my phone rings. Mom? Umm. I missed the bus.

Say what? How did you do that?

Well, I walked to the front of the school to find a friend. When I came back, I saw the bus pulling away.

Great. Just great.

Off to the high school I trekked all while calling my son some not so nice names. I told him I worry that he’ll be living with us when he’s 30. His response? I thought you were selling me to the Army.

Yep. He really said that.

I’m scared.

Home again, home again, jiggity jig. Drop off the kids and run to Kroger for a few items for our chicken dinner.

Home again, home again, jiggity jog. Started Alex to work on his Stupid School Project…only to find out that the paint I brought home is too watery for the papier mache’ mask he has to create.

Yay for me.

Back to the store for different paint. Called my mom at the same time so made good use of my time. See, it wasn’t a total waste, right?

Home once more, but…….not so fast…..

Paint delivered. Paint is great. Glue? Non existent.

I’m thinking a certain college student I know absconded with the glue when she left. And neglected to let me know.


Store again, store again, what a wonderful day.

Might as well pick up other stuff while I’m here…for the third time.

Now that I’ve just spent two hours of my life going to the store, guess what’s now for dinner?

Frozen pizza.

We’ll try the chicken tomorrow night.


Tara said...

Well it is the thought that counts! You get credit for just thinking ahead about dinner! I am home all day and rarely do that much. Enjoy your dinner tomorrow night.

Jboo said...

Holy moly -- what a day you had! School projects -- ugh!

Hope you have a wonderful and relaxing weekend!


Shari U said...

I thought for sure after all that you were going to say that you'd accidentally left the chicken on the kitchen counter all day. Yay for frozen pizza!

Kristin said...

Shari...oh my. That would definitely have been the icing on the cake!!

Doug and Terrye said...

Next time just pick up rotisserie chicken on the way home :)

Donna said...

making the most of a miserable situation with a bit of multi-tasking?!