Sunday, September 6, 2009

Adventures with The College Kid

Three weeks ago, we dropped off The College Kid in her dorm. We’ve actually seen her a few times since then. But, of course, we only live 40 minutes away. An easy trip into the city.

Well, late Friday afternoon, she decided she needed a break and wanted to come home. Faithful daddy stopped by her dorm on his way home from work to retrieve her. It’s been a little rough getting started in classes, learning to negotiate with roommates, and struggling with not being with The Boyfriend on a daily basis.

The %&$* hit the fan on Friday and she wanted needed to come home.

Been there, done that.

She appeared in the kitchen with a full laundry basket of dirty clothes and her backpack. Got it. Expected that. She then realized she’d brought no underwear for the next day. Guess she packed in a hurry, huh?

Uh. Laundry basket. Full of clothes.

Oh yeah. I can do laundry!

Crisis averted. Whew.

The next two days were spent doing a whole lot of nothing. She did laundry, played with her sisters, joined us for dinner, etc. A nice, quiet weekend. Just what the doctor ordered…for everyone. Except those who were at a soccer tournament but that was not me. This time.

We made plans to return to college today after picking up her roommate who also came home for the weekend. I hopped in the shower to get ready to leave for the day and found….

I had no shampoo and no razor.

Guess coming home from school does not involve packing necessities too. Geesh.

Loaded the car, picked up the The Roommate, and headed into the city. While driving, the three of us older people were chatting while the little ones were in the backseat playing games. They started to play a rhyming game. Let’s rhyme words with duck.

Duck, tuck, suck, yuck….guess what came next?


It was all we could do to not laugh. I didn’t say anything to Anna Grace because she had no idea what she’d said. Plus, they’d moved on to another word.

Oh my.

We reached the dorm, hauled in all the stuff, and promptly sent Katie and her roommate off to get lunch while the girls colored in her room. They made several pictures which are now decorating the refrigerator with the mandatory magnets.

Lunch returned. Coke poured…….and leaked.

I poured my coke into a cup from their cabinet only to find that it was completely cracked. Coke poured from all angles much to the amusement of the girls. Talk about a sticky mess.

But hey, it’s not my house!

Lunch done, I grabbed the little ones to head home. Quick goodbye, see you next weekend for Anna Grace’s birthday party (a month late), and we hit the road.

On the two block drive to the interstate, a man approached the car asking for money to cover a $450 medical co-pay. I told him I could not help. I’m sorry.

Once driving again, Anna Grace said,

“But mommy, you have money in your purse. You just told him a lie.”

I know, I know. But I can’t help everyone on the streets. I have helped others and hope they are passing it along.

But how do I explain that to a six year old?

Such are the adventures we experience when in the Big City with The College Kid. There are more to come, I’m certain.


Shari U said...

I SO know that feeling of being in the shower, all soaped up and ready to save those legs only to find that your razor has been taken by someone less fortunate than yourself! I've screamed myself hoarse over my missing razor once or twice, but I'm sure you have much more patience than I have. The thing that REALLY gets tweezers!! I have very clear memories of my Scots-Irish great grandmother and her BEARD! I seem to have been lucky enough to have inherited some of her genes and when I need my tweezers, it's usually an emergency. Alison, who will be 22 next month seems to have finally learned that she can take money and/or credit cards from my wallet, she can steal my razor, she can steal my jewelry, but she'd damn sure better not take my tweezers!

Faith, Hope, and Love said...

Stopping by for my chuckle of the day! You never fail me! :)

Have a great week!


Carey-Life in the Carpool Lane said...

Sounds like an eventful couple of days...
I hope Katie is settled back in...those first couple of months at college are a huge adjustment. She is lucky to have such a great family...and only 40 minutes away!

Anna Grace and Andrew's Jie Jie said...

Too Cute!

Kristin said...

Sorry for posting comments so late. We've been without internet for four days. I have been going through serious withdrawal!