Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Past Twenty-Four Hours

Well, I’ve made a mental note, as well as lots of post-it notes, to remind me to resume blogging on a regular basis.

I know, I know. Regular basis?

Did you enjoy your chuckle? Hope so.

In any case, the past twenty-four hours have been pretty interesting. More so that usual.

Abby announced last night that she was going to be a butterfly when she grew up. Hmm. Wonder how she plans to do that? When I mentioned she can’t be a butterfly, she said, “Okay, then I’ll be Ariel. “

Hope she finds some kind of regular job because she won’t be living with me!
Anna Grace was excited about school lunch today because it was hamburgers shaped like diamonds.

Say what?

Well, the announcements said the hamburgers were like Krystals.

Dave has a carpool set up with some women who live in our area. It’s great since they commute almost an hour each way to work. Tonight during dinner, Dave commented that he got to drive his friend’s Audi home from work today.

Alex quickly commented…..”I have an innie.”

Yep. Welcome to my life with clueless girls and men.

(And yes, I do know how that sentence reads. Hee hee!)
I realized during dinner that Katie did not contact me at all today. Wow! But yesterday I received an email from her at 3:54 from her new (used) i-touch. Then I remembered later that at 3:54 she should have been in Political Science.

So, was she in class but emailing me or not at class at all???

The sixty-four thousand dollar question.
But the icing on the cake came from me. I was in a rush yesterday in between classes but quickly checked email. I received one from Dave about Alex’s soccer practice being moved to a neighboring town due to field closures on our fields. I was not happy since it really threw a kink into our evening. I quickly replied with not so favorable comments about the coach and his decisions.

Ten hours later, while Alex and Dave were at practice, I was cleaning out my work email in and outboxes. I was a bit surprised to find an email addressed to the soccer coach.

Huh? I didn’t email him.

Turns out, I did.

Yep. The email I thought I sent to Dave actually went to the coach.

I clicked on the wrong email when I pushed reply.

Lesson to remember: double check to whom you are replying before clicking send.

I hope your past twenty-four hours have been less eventful!


Tara said...

I am with you and need to start blogging on a regular (whatever that is) basis.
I wish I could remember the things that Conner (and sometimes Avery) say but they escape right as I am sitting to type.
I think she was in class, I don't EVER see Katie cutting class.. hehe.

Jboo said...

Yikes on the email! Live in fear of that happening.

Audi and innie -- so funny!! :)


a Tonggu Momma said...

The Tongginator totally begs to differ... one can earn a living as a Princess Butterfly Ariel anytime one wishes to... just so you know. Heh.

day by day said...

Oh, Kristin....the busy-ness of your life so reminds me of ours!! : )

Carrie said...

Thank you for coming back! And you know what I thought about the email thing but it made me laugh alll over again! And I need it! IS this TA ever coming?

Shari U said...

Kristen, every part of that post was hysterical!! I especially like the part about e-mailing the coach...that sounds like something I'd do! And your son and the "innie"? I don't know about that, are we a little worried about him? I know I'd be worried about Dave test driving the carpooler's "outey". ahem.

Carey-Life in the Carpool Lane said...

Oh, yes...I'm trying to be "regular" in my blog posting too. It's going so well for me...I think I write for 3 days and then take a week off.

Let me know how Abby's job hunt is going. I'd love to be a Pegasus when I grow up!

The Johnson 5 said...

OUCH, I hope the coach has a good sense of humor!

Margaret M said...

I haven't blogged in almost a month so even if no one else is impressed...you impressed me!