Friday, September 11, 2009

Back in the Saddle Again

Could I mean……..

*teaching another child to drive?

*listening to a beginning reader read me a story?

*having my heart break as I relive college drama?

*experiencing the wonderment in a child’s eyes?

All of those would be true. But…..not why I am finally back in the saddle again.

You see, I have become one of those spoiled people out there who really rely on the internet. I complete school work, keep in touch with family and friends, play, pay bills, read the news and weather, play some more….you get the idea.

This week? I have had NO internet. Yep, none.

To say I have not been a nice person to live with would likely be an understatement.

We made the decision to switch from cable to satellite along with adding a DSL line…primarily to save money. Sounds easy enough. Except that our local company could never figure out how to turn on the DSL line. Nope. Not a clue.

Monday….it will be on today.

Tuesday…’ll be on by midnight tonight.

Wednesday….you’ve been pushed back to tomorrow morning.

Thursday…..your order has been delayed until today…your modem will arrive next week.

You’ve got to be kidding me. We placed the order almost TWO weeks ago.

Fortunately for them, the line became active last night. And, our good friend who works for the company in question supplied us with the necessary equipment to get started.

Thank goodness or you may have witnessed an extreme hissy fit.

I was able to find a calming point when I learned how to use my husband’s blackberry. Hmmm, methinks I need one now.

The one plus to having no internet this week?

My house is totally clean. Guest room ready.

Anyone want to come visit?


Denise said...

Skip the Blackberry, go straight to the iPhone, trust me, I know what I speak of.

Former Blackberry owner

Carrie said...

hey that is how i feel about this hague adoption!

a Tonggu Momma said...

Can we come visit? Although... I should probably mention that I have the Swine Flu.

Jboo said...

Whew -- it's hard to get along with the Internet -- we're all so used to it! Hope you have a wonderful week!