Thursday, October 1, 2009

Outtakes from the Week.....

Which girl said….

I’m going to look at my Facebook…I mean, my yearbook.

(Anna Grace. Gee, do you think she’s heard the word Facebook too many times?)

My initials are A.G. M. J. R.

(Anna Grace. Her name is Anna Grace Meizhen. The “z” sounds like a “j” so she has started doing her initials to match!)

Did you already take out your eyetacts?

(Abby. Eyetacts! Cracked me up. The child has language issues…I just can’t seem to get it diagnosed.)

In a written note: I like you because you make my heart super happy. Because I just like you.

(Anna Grace even after I fussed at her the night before.)

My toenails are so long they can climb trees.

(Abby again. Thanks to daddy’s training.)

Lumbo, lumbo, lumbo…

(Abby…..see above. Language issues. )

Toss in mom thinking one of the Blue’s Clue’s book characters was smoking (Katie insists he had a thermometer in his mouth), ironing jammies for Pajama Day tomorrow, and reliving Shaun Cassidy days thanks to XM, it’s been a week.

Include the College Kid home with the flu, the High Schooler doing the minimum he has to do for the grade, soccer two nights, church one night, and last minute dinners, it’s been a week.

Add in complaining soccer moms, tons of special ed paperwork, and a burned finger.

It’s been a week.

But life is always so interesting, isn’t it?


Carey-Life in the Carpool Lane said...

Wow... definitely sounds like it's been a week! Hope the college kid is feeling better and the good news is that the week is almost over...

Jboo said...

Oh man -- you and your family sure know how to have fun! Have a great weekend and hope the college coed is feeling better!


Donna said...

Gotta love XM, huh? I get my 70's fix on everyday :)
Love the snippets of your crazy life!!

a Tonggu Momma said...

Your children crack me up. Eyetacts? Heh. I wonder what those language issues might be... has anyone mentioned nominal aphasia to you?