Thursday, March 4, 2010

What Scares You?

My girls have been afraid of dogs next door, pandas roaming the house, monkeys living at Grandma’s house, bugs, wind, thunderstorms, and fun stuff like that.

But everything they’ve been afraid of makes sense to me.

Now me? That is another story.

I am about to make a small confession. Are you ready?

I am scared of flying.

Nothing big, huh? Lots of people don’t like to fly.

And yes, I flew to and from China. Twice. Sixteen hours in the air---one way.

I flew within China on Chinese airlines without understanding the language.

I have flown on small regional jets to to see family. Yes, I popped lots of Dramamine on those flights....for some reason, that helps calm me.

But here is a bigger confession. Brace yourself....

I hate to stop under an overpass. It completely freaks me out. I have come “this” close to getting out of my lane to go an alternate route. I keep waiting for the entire overpass to collapse.

I also hate to drive on a bridge or stop on one. I start to sweat rather quickly. I can feel the road shaking and just anticipate falling.

I remember as a child going on a long bridge in California, looking ahead, and seeing the bridge go directly into the water. Or that was the illusion. I have never forgotten that.

So there you go. My irrational fears.

My kids just laugh at me.

Yep, they love to admit their mom is crazy.


Tara said...

When the boys were younger I did not like bridges either! I was terrified of going off it and into the water and not being able to undo the car seats on both kids! I guess that fear is going to come back when I have 2 in car seats again!

RS said...

Funny I am not big on flying either and 9-11 really did me in. I get on the plane and start ordering drinks, sometimes I have on before I get on... how sad am I.

bbmomof2boys said...

Spiders...any size spider! And Little T knows this so she has a plastic one and will hide it in different places where she knows I'll find it. When I scream she just giggles....learned this trick from her brother!