Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Never Interrupt an Eating Child

As we sat down tonight to a rare family dinner, we happily recalled our school and work days……with the exception of one child. She was very focused on eating. After all, eating is her thing.

We stopped her to ask about her day. Instead of answering, she put more food in her mouth.

After a bit of fussing from the parental unit, she decided she’d better step up to the plate.

And the torrent from Abby began……

I played with the puppets today during small group. (true)

Jacob B wore his pajamas to school when it wasn’t a Friday or pajama day. (this happened a month ago)

I had hash browns for breakfast. (yep)

I got to wear my pajamas to school. (on Polar Express day in December)

One day, I got to wear my 100th day hat to school. (two weeks ago)

Matthew isn’t in my class anymore. (hasn’t been for two years)

One group got to make goo today. (true)

We watched Tarzan in after school. (yep...rainy day)

I had peas, peaches, bread, and hmmm…..something else for lunch. (chicken and noodles)

I know our schedule. Morning circle, large group, music, free centers, snack, small group (is that therapy?), outside time, lunch, rest, and closing circle. (my detail oriented child)

Oh my.

Alex just looked at me and rolled his eyes.

Abs, go ahead and keep eating your dinner, baby.

And here you thought Anna Grace was the talkative one.


Kim said...

Too funny! Love Alex's eye rolling.

a Tonggu Momma said...

Hey now... eating is important. Just ask the Tongginator. *grin*

Jboo said...

Funny!! What cuties you have there!