Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I am a Queen

A queen of multi-tasking, that is.

Take tonight for example. As I started tacos and rice for dinner, I was also….

making lunches and snack for tomorrow

checking the live stats on The Boyfriend’s baseball game

listening to the girls playing outside

texting the big kids about dinner and the game

unpacking backpacks and checking daily work/news

checking email at home and work

scrolling through Facebook to see what I missed during the day

and who knows what else.

And that’s just before dinner…..and after hitting Wally World after school.

Are you like me and your brain is in constant motion? From wake-up to bedtime, I am always thinking.

Is homework done?

Oh, can’t forget to buy milk tomorrow.

Is everyone’s backpack ready to go?

Gee, what did I need to do before bedtime? I already forgot.

Do I have a meeting tomorrow? Who with?

Man, I should have done some laundry today.

Guess we need to clean the bathroom.

Got to find clothes for tomorrow and get them laid out.

And the brain torture continues.

Until bedtime.

I gain a good six hours of blessed peace before I wake up with more thoughts in my head. I’ve tried writing down my oh so very important issues during the night. But then I can’t read what I wrote when I wake up.


At 4am, I am up with my mind racing with my list of to-do's.

Is a mother’s work ever done?

Or am I doomed to this constant life of craziness?

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Jboo said...

Wow -- you sound like a very efficient multi-tasker! Am afraid I make lists and misplace them -- oops! Have a great Wednesday!