Tuesday, March 30, 2010

It's Not Fair.....again

I thought I’d heard everything. After all, I’ve been a mom for over nineteen years. Surely nothing has slipped past that I didn’t know.

I was wrong.

We had an “issue” today about things not being fair.

Nothing new there, huh? After all, with four kids, it’s bound to come up more than two or three times.

I've heard....she has more than me, her piece is bigger, she got one more story, I wanted to wear that shirt today, it’s not fair……..and the list goes on….and on….and on.

But today’s “not fair” issue took the cake.

I never saw this one coming.

We arrived home from school today with two sick kids. Alex was having sinus issues which contributed to general yuckiness. Anna Grace came home with a fever……not extremely high, but something. Enough to make her feel….blah.

So out came the medicines, the talk of possibly being home from school, going to bed early. You know, that kind of exciting talk.

And out came the comment from Abby…

“It’s not fair that she’s been sick more than me.”

I almost dropped my water bottle.

You’ve got to be kidding me.

You are upset because you haven’t been sick more frequently?

And this makes sense….how?

I just shook my head in disbelief.

You want to be sick? You want to miss school?

(Oh bad question. I may got an answer I don't like. But Abby loves school so I may be safe!)

But tomorrow, if I leave Anna Grace at home with daddy, what will Abby say?

Of course, if her big brother is still sick, Anna Grace may be home with him and not daddy for the day. Two invalids hanging out together.

Oh my, if that happens, I see another blog post in the making…..


Sweet & Sassy Gals said...

Life is not fair. Boo!! It's amazing how often we hear that saying! Hopes for a better day:-)

NeuroMama said...

I'll one up you on this one. I've actually heard S say that it's not fair that her brother and sister get to have two (or three) fingers and she has to have five! "Why do I have to have five fingers? It's not fair!" I guess I should just be happy that she doesn't see her siblings' limb differences as a hindrance.