Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Sweet, sweet bedtime......

I have a confession to make.

My kids are really weird.

Oh wait….I think I’ve admitted that before.

But who else has kids who would rather freeze at night to escape making their beds the next day?

Yep. Mine.

The little girls have decided that no matter the weather, they are sleeping ON TOP of their comforters with only a light fleece blanket to keep them warm. Thus you avoid having to make your bed the next day.

Huh. Who'd ever think of that?

I always thought bedtime was for being warm, cozy, and snuggled in your comforter.

Unless you live at my house and are flat out lazy.

Guess they were serious because last night when I went to check on them before going to bed, I found this……

Gee, someone is pretty bossy, don’t you think?


Kim said...

LOL!!! I've got chills just thinking about sleeping that way. I know the mom in me would cuber them up :-)

NeuroMama said...

Love, love, love that note for you! That's totally a classic. I also like to sleep without cubers. And, it's COLD here. And, we keep the thermostat set quite low at night.

I am also loving the increased frequency of your blog posts. I'm glad that you haven't totally forsaken us non-Facebook folks.


Tara said...

I love that!! I hate to admit it but I too have slept on top of the bed so I didn't have to make it.

Margaret M said...

Laughing my Bootie Off!!!! That is so Funny! My wee ones sleep on top of the covers too unless it is really, really cold. They hate to be covered....I almost wonder if it stems from being so covered when they were wee wee ones in China! Just one of things that I will never know!

Laura L. said...

That is too funny. So did you cuber her or not? :)
A friend's daughter had the same idea not too long ago. She didn't want to have to make her bed. Mom didn't go for it though.