Friday, February 12, 2010

The Valentine's Day that Wasn't

The time had arrived…..time to make valentine cards for all the friends (and enemies) in class before heading off for winter break. Time to have a party with sweet treats. Time to enjoy some down time from the fast paced world of school.

What could possibly interfere?

The dreaded “s” word.


The threat of snow starting early in the morning today caused school to close last night. No party day. No valentine exchange. No nothing….

Our morning today started early (6:40am) since the shorter crowd did not get the memo about the snow day.

Why are we home, mom? Where is the snow? What about my party? Mom, there is no snow. Why are we home? Mom? Mom? MOM!!!

The morning came and went with nary a flurry.

Lovely. So glad we wasted almost an entire school day on a SNOW day with no snow. What good is a snow day if there is no snow? Tell me. I’d really like to know.

Finally…..early afternoon……a flake. And another, and another. The snow had arrived.

A whole three inches or so…but that’s okay. Snow is rare in the south.

Thankfully daddy spent his lunch time yesterday fighting the grocery store crowd for me. The crowd who believes if you don’t have milk, eggs, and bread when snow hits, you may die.

Daddy was on a quest for boots…..and came through!

The afternoon was spent outside, inside for hot chocolate, outside, inside for hot chocolate, outside, inside……do you sense a pattern here?

Ah, so pretty.

Tomorrow brings the weekend, a day full of ice and slush, and the start to our week long winter break.

Are you catching on yet? If tomorrow starts our winter break and we didn’t have school today for our parties, when is Valentine’s Day?

Well, if you live in our county in Georgia, your new Valentine’s Day will be February 22.

Good news for all those boyfriends or husbands who forgot, huh?


Tara said...

We went on the hunt for boots also and found a pair a little big but they work.

Kim said...

So sorry for your girls. I know how they love those class room parties. Looks like the snow helped heal those broken hearts.

Have a good winter break!

Becky said...

LOL we've had snow days like that before. Glad it finally arrived!

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

Wish I had gotten some snow down here... looks like SO much fun...

a Tonggu Momma said...

We can send you some of ours! Your girls would LOVE it... and then maybe we could clear away the sidewalks and bus stops so our kids can return to school. Heh.