Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My Redneck Life....

It’s 30 degrees outside. There is still snow on the ground. So what do we do?

Grill outside. Yep, we’re just that good.

Hey, it’s Georgia. We should be able to grill year round, right?

I should clarify that “I” did not grill but Dave did. I don’t set foot near a grill when it’s that cold.

Well, I don’t go near it when it’s warm either but that’s beside the point.

Tonight was a simple hamburger/hotdog/bratwurst kind of night.

But there must be some way to make it more complicated. After all, this is my house. Nothing is ever simple.

Take a hot dog,

add a chopstick,

and what do you get?

A redneck nekkid corndog.


Welcome to my life.


JShannon said...

We grill all year round here in PA! In fact we just did ribs on the grill this past weekend with over 17" of snow on the ground. There's nothing like it!

Laura L. said...

Nekkid corn dogs! Jadyn would like that. It's her favorite way to eat a hotdog. Nekkid, no bun and if she has a corn dog, she eats all the cornbread off so it can be nekkid and then eats it. LOL She might just shout, "Nekkid weiner!" too. We must be rednecks ourselves.

We grill almost year round. If it's not freezing cold or snowing, we're up for it.

Tara said...

I love it!!

We almost grilled last night too but the chicken was not thawed all the way so it was a taco night. Now I have a thawed pack of chicken I cant make because its a "no meat" day!

Kim said...

To funny! We haven't grilled for sooo long. That hot dog looks great even if it is nekkid!

Faith, Hope, and Love said...

heehee I can always count on a laugh over here! Thank you Kristin...I love it and I know my toddler duo would too! :)

Love and Blessings,

nikimac said...

This Georgia Family grills year round....the husband grills. Great corn dog idea!