Sunday, January 31, 2010

Cell Phones for Kids

Ah, the age of technology. Laptops, ipods, cell phones, blackberries, iphones…..anything we need is available at the touch of a finger. Amazing.

Not to be left out of this technological craze, the girls recently made laptops out of old Styrofoam containers so they could get on Facebook and check email. Yikes.

What made me think cell phones would be any different?

They know the lingo. Just text him, mom.

They ham it up for the video or pictures. Not on my phone though. Mine doesn’t do that.

They play with the old phones which have been discarded or broken due to death by texting.

Oh, and a side note for my friends: if a battery is still in a phone, it is still able to call 911. Learned that lesson. Yep.

We are now the proud owners of new cell phones designed just for kids.

As we did errands this weekend, and separated the girls, each yelled to the other…...”take your phone. I’ll text you!”

Funny thing is….when we got home from our separate shopping trips, they talked about texting and calling each other.

Cool thing about these phones is they don’t make noise. Only the user makes noise. And, you call someone by pushing the first letter in their name. Talk about speed dialing!

Downside is….we don’t know if we’re being called. Abby was very indignant when I did not answer my phone recently. Well, gee, I didn’t know it was ringing.

Hmmm…..wonder what technology will bring by the time the little ones are teenagers?


a Tonggu Momma said...

That? Is a riot! Your kids are SO creative.

Jboo said...

Those are my kind of cell phones! Your girls have such great imaginations.

Hope you have a fun week!


Laura L. said...

Oh that is too cute. I love that they've made cell phones. So glad you shared. Those two are so creative!
I know! To think about what the technology may be when they are teens...hard to imagine. It'll probably something that they can learn in a snap and it takes us moms a lot of trial and error. Ha!

Margaret M said...

What imagination! I loved this as it reminds me of Graeme and Lily Wen and their play too. Lily can take better pics on my phone than I can. Could flying cars be in their future? Scary to imagine what they will invent!

JShannon said...

That is so cute. Malia has a few of our old hand me down phones and just loves to chat on them. As far as what this girls will have in the future? I'm guess video (cell) phones.