Tuesday, January 26, 2010

It Takes a Village

A certain six year old who lives in our house has been struggling with the rules at school. Talkative child that she is can’t seem to keep her mouth closed at the appropriate times.

Go figure. I am utterly shocked.

(those of you who know this child in question know I am being very sarcastic!)

Unfortunately, as the days passed, she began to dislike school. We’ve had many tears and meltdowns lately as we tried to work through this issue.

We put our heads together to come up with a plan…..thus enter the village.

Not just this village…

A true village with teacher, parents, siblings, grandparents, and friends.

Little sister tried to reassure by saying she had to move her clip at school to red. She has never moved her clip but wanted her sister to feel better. So sweet!

Big brother told her he used to “pull sticks” in school when he was little. But he never did….well, he might in high school if this system was used!

Big sister called her several mornings on the way to school to chat and wish her a good day.

Teacher and mom worked hard at finding a solution to help this certain child. Lots of ideas tossed around……some implemented.

Lots of virtual hugs from friends around the country…..

And today? Today brought us a package from Grandma. Look!

Aren’t they adorable?? Special reminders for school days.

Last week during school were good days. But after school? We didn’t even make it to the car before she completely melted down. Guess holding it together all day long was all she could handle. Sigh.

But this week? So far, knock on wood, we’ve had good days and good afternoons.

Perhaps in the back of her mind, she is remembering the ultimate prize……..a night at college with Katie.

It does indeed take a village to raise a child.

I am ever so thankful for our village.


Tara said...

I wish that I had those bracelets when Avery was little, wait I wonder if they would still work with him in 7th grade? What great ideas you have come up with. Do you think Katie would let Avery visit her if I could get him to finish all his work?

a Tonggu Momma said...

That is so precious! I love that everyone has come alongside your little chatterbox.

NeuroMama said...

Oh, the care package items are just incredibly sweet and so thoughtful. They actually brought tears to my eyes! And, I love how the entire family is on Team AG. Go, AG, go!

I am very worried about how my Ryleigh will do once she starts kindergarten. I'm really, really nervous. I think she has some sensory processing issues, which we are going to have evaluated. I hope that proves helpful in managing some of her more challenging traits.

Jill said...

LOVE the bracelets!!! Great idea grandma!!
Glad to see this week is going better! Remember...baby steps!
Good luck! Prayers and positive vibes coming your way!

Jesse, James and Lindsey's mom said...

I have a very very talkative 7yr old boy. :) Great bracelets!!! Good luck the rest of the week!!!!

Jboo said...

Great bracelets -- how sweet! And it really does take a village!