Friday, March 20, 2009

Sweating with Mommy

So I am driving home from school this week in my trusty van, showing my school spirit,

advertising my job,

and enjoying the bright, warm day when I came to the realization that I was sweating. How can that be? I have the air conditioning on.

Oh. The air conditioning. You mean that same one that had issues last spring and summer? The one that has a leak in the system that cannot be found?

Yep, that one.

Well, darn it.

I decided I couldn’t take sweating all spring and summer. Even the best antiperspirant would be of no help. And talk about bad hair days with the only other option being rolling down the windows.

Not a pretty picture.

Off to the garage we went to drop it off for much needed doctoring.

Today was a teacher work day so the kids didn’t have school. I took Katie’s car to work after dropping her off at a neighbor’s to babysit.

Now, she has a little car. I have a van. Trying to put us in that car was like trying to squeeze ten pounds of ‘taters in a five pound bag.

Talk about being able to reach out and touch someone. Of course, all the extras did not help.

Will this child ever clean out her car? Someone please tell me.

Being home for lunch afforded me the opportunity to receive a phone call from the garage about my car.

The leak was located.


No, not good. It’s in the evaporator core. A small piece located behind the dashboard, behind the airbags, behind all kinds of stuff.

Estimating eleven hours of labor to repair it as good as new.

All for the lovely price of $1600.

Holey Toledo!

Or, I can just keep adding coolant when it runs low. About $80 each time, every few months.

Can you guess which option I am choosing?


Denise said...

Will that van just quit being ornery already??? Enough is enough! You've already proved your love to it time and time again.

Oh and your comment about fitting 10 pounds of taters in a five pound bag-- sounds totally Southern to me. Facebook doesn't know what it's talking about.

Carrie said...

so sorry! I love taters by the way!

Regina said...

So sorry to hear about your van. I would have to say that $80.00 every couple of months would be the less painful way to go.
We are in NC and I would hate to have anything happen to the air in our van. If Amilynn gets in and it is warm in there she IMMEDIATELY starts sweating. Like pouring down her face sweating. It isn't pretty, especially if we are going somewhere nice and don't want her showing up looking like someone just dumped a cup of water over here head. LOL

Jboo said...

Oh man -- that van -- what a pain! Think I would go with the $80 option! Hoping it cools off for you so you don't need the AC! I'm still using my seat heaters some mornings! Have a fun weekend!


Carey-Life in the Carpool Lane said...

Car trouble is the pits! Loved your analogy of taters in a sack!

Suzanne M said...

I couldn't help but nitice that your van is a Chrysler product. We have a Jeep Grand Cherokee a while ago that had the same AC problem!!! it must be Chrysler disease. We also went for the continuous refreshing of the coolant for under $100 a pop vs. the mega repair. The car ened up with other manifestations of Chrysler disease after a few more years and over 100,000 miles. We eventually donated in to charity (for some fire department to torch for practice or something). But, we weren't driving around two small people in car seats and it wasn't our primary car. Good Luck!!!

Margaret M said...

Are you sure that it's not time for a new Mommy Vehicle.....Loved the pics of your alternate travel and thought ohhhh, Bless YOU! Hope it all works out!

Laura L. said...

So sorry to hear about the van. I think you should go for the $80 when needed and not the total repair.

The Johnson 5 said...

I'm with you girl!!