Monday, March 9, 2009

Monday Madness in March

Ah, a new week is upon us. We returned to school bright-eyed tired due to the time change. But my class? They arrived all rested. How can that be? Alas, I digress…..

Let me give you a glimpse into our Monday Madness today.

Mail: Look what arrived in the mail!

The shipping is free if you’d like one of your very own. I’m willing to share mine. Just be aware she is quite busy, bossy, belligerent, and brilliant.

Musings: What inspired this amazing little girl to pitch a royal fit during lunch today?

Oh, that would be not being allowed to have more lasagna until she tasted her broccoli. Now, I am not a green veggie lover myself but if I was hungry, I’d suck it up a bit. Not Abby. She had a fit that astonished her teachers. Been there. I understand.

‘Magination: Okay, stretching it on this one. But why is it children are so enthralled with boxes? Here we have Littlest Pet Shop in a box.

Never mind the fact we have all the proper materials located in the playroom. The box wins.

Music: Mondays bring us guitar at 6:30 and soccer at 7. Good luck, huh? Well, tonight Alex’s guitar teacher is sick which I was so glad sorry to hear. Not that I want him sick or anything but it made tonight a bit easier.

Machines: Upon my arrival home, I immediately took to my favorite machine.

Well, I did do that (hee hee!) but had to hit these ones too.

Our crazy weather had it snowing one week ago. Today? It was in the seventies. Calls for last years clothes to be unearthed located from the depths of the closet and hope they fit. Yikes.

Momminess: Being our Mad Monday, dinner is the way mommy likes it. Quick, simple, and usually not very healthy. Now, I do not condone unhealthful foods but on these busy nights, I’m sorry. It just wins.

Mugging: Scared you, huh? No, nothing bad happened!!To leave you with a giggle, here is a picture of my three girls mugging for the camera.

Aren’t they goof-balls??

Until next time, enjoy your March Madness!


Jboo said...

Great photos! That's my kind of dinner -- so glad that I am NOT the only one! Have a fun week!


Carey-Life in the Carpool Lane said...

I'd definitely like to order one. Heck, I'll even pay shipping! Do you think you could squeeze two in the box? I'd really like two (but they will be asked to eat broccoli at my house)!

Love the pic of your son on the counter with a guitar and the last one of your three goofy girls!

Denise said...

How cute. AGAIN, we are thinking the same thing. How do we do that and how do you always get it posted before I do? I was going to do a post about the kids playing with boxes and not needing toys. **sigh**

Kristin said...

Ah Denise, it's the time zone. I've got you beat by a few hours.

Ashley and Mike said...

Sounds like a fun night. I especially like that hubs is in the background pouring a glass of wine. My attention was immediately drawn to it :)

day by day said...

Hey Kristin!

What a cute little package. : )
Oh, have quite the fascination with boxes, don't they?

Great post...I really enjoyed all the pics!

Anonymous said...

But wait, there's more March Madness! If I am not mistaken, Dave is in the background of the picutre of Alex pouring a Martini :-)

The "Wild and Crazy Eberles"

Teresa =) said...

Kristin -

I'm SUPER behind on my blog reading...this post was super cute! Your girls "mugging" for the camera remind me so much of my goofball kids!

Teresa =)