Monday, March 23, 2009

A Child's Imagination

Saturday night was spent visiting with great friends, enjoying good food and drink, as we shared our tales of woe from the work week. The kids had given up on us and headed outside to entertain themselves. No problem. More peace and quiet for us.

Big mistake on my behalf.

I had no idea what my kids could come up with in a pinch.

I thought I’d better pretend to be a good mom and check up on the kids. After all, they kinda are my responsibility, right?

They were easy to locate….even in the dark…..while playing tag. Except for Alex.

Question: Where is Alex?

Answer: Climbing the house

Say what???

Sure enough, I look up by my front door and see Alex climbing up the brick wall.

The crevice between the front door and the bay window is where I found the boy. Did you know he was Spiderman? Me neither.

I have no pictures to prove it as I was too busy yelling at him to get down.

Katie then piped up and said that he’s done this before. Oh good grief.

Resume playing SAFELY.

I return a bit later to find that Katie has created new uses for pool toys.

Poor Catlan. Locked up by a chick. And an older one to boot.

So he got her back. Stick her in the wheelbarrow and haul her off to places unknown.

And here you were thinking this post would be about the little ones, huh?


The Johnson 5 said...

They looked like they were having a blast!! It's always the older ones we have to look after!!

Carey-Life in the Carpool Lane said...

Sounds like a nice evening for you and a very fun evening for the kids...I totally have the Spiderman theme song running through my head...thanks a lot!

Laurel said...

A couple of weeks ago a friend nonchalantly says, "I saw Jacob up on the roof when I drove by the other day." What? Jacob, on the roof? This is NOT allowed. This is NOT safe.

Ben (15) goes up on our roof often, to take amazing sunset pictures for his photography business. But Jacob (one of our new kids from Ghana) is NOT allowed to follow Ben's example. Yikes!

Glad you found Alex before anything happened.

mama of 13

Jboo said...

Funny!!! Does sound like you have Spiderman on your hands. Guess if something gets stuck somewhere like the roof or over the door, you know who to ask to get it!


Denise said...

Looks like Alex and Trace had it in their heads to climb things this weekend!

Margaret M said...

Funny! Always original!!! Funny!

Sharon said...

That is so funny! The way you wrote that up! I wish I was that talented.

Good times at your house!!

Tara said...

haha I can't stop laughing. I would love to sit in your house just one day to take it all in, in person.