Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Ponderings from Me.....

If you’ve ever wondered what crosses my mind each day, here is a sampling.

I know, you’ve just been dying to read this.

You are on the edge of your seat wondering what I’ll reveal.


I wonder…..

*how parents can let their young kids roam the neighborhood and never check on them?

*why some kids think it’s okay to peer through the windows of another house to see what is going on?

*why my son decided to eat two lunches at school several times lately? That costs money, my child!

*why kids think it’s okay to be sassy to adults who are not their parents?

*why my little ones love to pull weeds?

*why Katie’s AP Econ teacher is a slacker?

*why it’s taking so long for spring break to arrive?

*who invented Scrabble for Facebook? I’m hooked!

*why I can’t find a bathing suit I like?

*why kids think if they whine, somehow they will magically get what they want?

*what grade I’ll be teaching next year? Or will it be special ed again?

*which way do you unroll your toilet paper? From the top or bottom?

*where you sit when you blog?

*what life will be like next year without an extra driver?

*if I’ll make it through graduation?

*why the family thinks they can just stand around and watch me make and serve dinner? Help, please!

*why we are being subjected to three days of rain. Ugh…..

*when is it bedtime?

*if I could write a book?

And I could go on, and on, and on.


Denise said...

Okay, if you REALLY must know, I blog sitting in a dining room chair in front of a sofa table I made into a desk. One of life's great mysteries is finally solved.

Jboo said...

Great list -- I wonder a lot of the very same things! I blog in the basement family room in an old office chair. Hope the weather improves out there!


NeuroMama said...

At least your three days of rain is not three days of snow! I blog at my kitchen table. The kitchen is open to the living room/great room (as we call it here in New England).

The Johnson 5 said...

I blog in my office in the basement. Hopefully when I get a laptop I will be able to say I'm blogging to you from my beautiful front porch.

And honey, I think we can ALL do whatever we put our minds too!!

Thanks for the pondering before my Benadryl kicks in. I'm only happy for the rain ,so maybe I can breathe for a few days :)

Faith, Hope, and Love said...

ROFL!!! You are a hoot!

I blog in two places....sitting at the desk in my bedroom or if I'm sewing I have the lap top RIGHT next to my sewing machine as I roll in my chair between both of them. heehee

Facebook has scrabble? LOVE scrabble! I haven't been signed in for a few weeks.

Hey, I agree with all your comments about small children...drives me crazy as well! There was a little 4 year old that would just walk in our house and help himself to things. When I approached his mother she said "he isn't old enough to have manners"...hmm...maybe that means he isn't old enough to be roaming the neighborhood alone...HELLO!

So where do you blog?


Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

All I can say is that right now you are thinking to much... lol

Tara said...

haha you crack me up. How do you have time to even think up all that stuff with all you have going on? I have to say that I do love the list. And I blog where ever I land with laptop in hand... usually the chair in the family room.