Monday, March 2, 2009

Snow Day Aftermath....

Snow one day, gone the next. That’s the beauty of the south.

I grew up primarily in the north (Navy kid) and had many, many storms which I loved. When I was a mom with kids, the storms weren’t quite as much fun. In fact, after one particularly bad storm when we were living in Pennsylvania, I looked at my husband and said,

“It’s time to move south again.”

And we did…….eleven years ago.

We enjoyed our four inches of white fun yesterday. The roads were slushy by the end of the day which usually means…….no school the next day. But the “official” call didn’t come until almost 9pm last night.

I know all my northern friends are giggling laughing hysterically at that statement but just remember, we don’t have snow plows to clear our roads. So there.

Yesterday’s activity involved building a Snow Family: mom, dad, two little kids, and two big kids.

Today’s activity involved playing Whack-a-Snowman. Great fun was had by two little girls who desperately wanted to spend one more day in the snow.

No more snow until next year…..the forecast is calling for seventy degree weather by Saturday. Can you believe it?

Just a note: I don’t usually let the kids play with big sticks. They were under close supervision, I promise!


The Johnson 5 said...

You all got all the snow!! Now of it here stuck, it just melted away :(

I'm glad someone I like got a snow day :)

Denise said...

Hey, I let my naked baby play with scissors. No judgment here.

Was there candy in those snow people or were they just beating the member of the family they were most angry with?

Margaret M said...

We barely got a dusting and had a snow day. I could not believe it. We will be in school until July at this point. That is what happens when the county you live in has mountains. Ugh!!!

I loved the whack a snow man. I bet they sleep well.

Carrie said...

I have let my 7 year old cut a tree down with an ax, a small one but I was still like scared and my husband said he has to learn, I was like why is he going to be a arborist or something? LOL!

Ivy said...

Looks like they used up all the snow making the Snow Family there:))
Hey we were suppose to get a ton of snow and ended up with 8 inches. But today, it's melting and no snowman was to be made!
Where in PA did you live? I'm sure you probably told me, but I think my short term memory is filed under "full"!
Whack a snowman, what a funny term! Glad they all had some fun.


Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

I saw all the snow on the TV that you were all getting... ahhh... none in Florida... bummer... funny... bring on the summer here and you will finally hear me complaining like no tomorrow...

Mary said...

Makes me think of "Lizzie Borden took an axe..." Naw...just kiddin' you! I will do anything to encourage OUTSIDE play! LOL