Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Signs are Here

So the other day, I went in for my annual eye exam already anticipating the outcome. I walked in telling the doctor. I knew what was going to happen.


I could benefit from reading glasses.

Can you hear my husband chuckling in the background? If so, you have my permission to slap him. At least I admitted upfront that I needed reading glasses. He’s been in denial for two years.

During dinner tonight, we were chatting about the (gulp) glasses thing and where best to find them.

Turns out, the best selection is at the pharmacy.

Who knew?

And, at the pharmacy, you can also participate in other fun activities that remind you of your age.

Things such as checking your blood pressure. Whoo hoo!

Or, how about this one? Checking out the Dr. Scholl’s cool thingy that tells you how bad your feet are and which insoles to buy.

Not to mention all the shelves full of pain meds, vitamins, and bone and joint pills.

There are lots more, I’m sure. I just stopped looking.

After all, I am only 43.

I may need reading glasses and insoles but I’m not old.


Just nod your head and agree with me.


Faith, Hope, and Love said...

Of course you are not old!!! Hey...I'm gonna be 48 this year. Does that help? :D

Love and blessings,

JShannon said...

You only need reading glasses? Don't feel bad......yet. Pffft, I happen to be sporting some very fine bifocals! Yep, got them last year and I already need stronger ones. And I'm "only" 47.

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

Don't worry... I raise my hand in saying that I too need glasses... as I type this with one eye shut :)

Teresa =) said...

Reading glasses?? You're just a young 'un. I headed to the eye doctor last week after suffering almost daily crippling headaches for the past year. I not only need glasses, I need TRIFOCALS!! I have distance and near vision deficits, but my intermediate vision is fine.

Haven't posted this on my blog yet...guess I'll have to when my glasses arrive next week. Sadly, I'm only 41...and my husband is calling my new glasses my "Mammaw glasses." Feelin' old anyone?!

Teresa =)