Saturday, June 12, 2010

Are They Sisters?

Tonight the big kids ditched us for more exciting adventures. So we took the little ones on an adventure too….a Japanese hibachi grill.

Unlike most Japanese restaurants, this particular one employs people of all races and nationalities. So don’t expect a Japanese cook or server ‘cause it may not happen!

On a side note and amazingly enough…..there were no tears this time when the fire was lit! Yay for us.

Well, one of the college aged servers approached us to ask about the girls. Where are they from? Are they sisters (meaning…biological)? How long have they been here? Did they speak Mandarin?

I never mind these questions when I know someone is truly interested and is not being malicious. I will admit though that it’s getting harder to answer when little ears are listening. Not sure how I’m going to handle this as they get older….(hint hint to those who have been there!)

Anyhow, this employee happened to be Chinese herself from a province near where both little ones were born so I understood her curiosity.

On the drive home, I started thinking about the question, “are they sisters?”

Well, they…

alternate fighting and playing well every two minutes

finish each others sentences and thoughts

can interpret for the other

create long, elaborate games that never seem to end

sit and watch Barbie movies for hours at a time

love to drag out art supplies to use their imagination

wreak havoc together on a daily basis

have perfected the whine of each others names

tattle on each other relentlessly

and so many other things.

So you tell me…..

Are they sisters?


NeuroMama said...

Hmm...I was hoping that someone with more experience would have chimed in with great advice. I'll have to come back tomorrow and hope for some enlightening comments. I don't like it when people ask "Are they brother and sisters" or, even worse, "Are they REAL siblings?" Why no, they are actually holographic or virtual siblings! I often just say yes. Or, if I'm feeling peevish, I say (nicely though), "They are now, but they are not biologically related." When they're older, I'll probably ask them what they want to say/what they want me to say.

I love how the end of the school year is resulting in more frequent posts for you (since I don't do Facebook).

Jill said...


Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

They are part of the Yada Yada sisterhood for sure - 100% - forever... that is what sisters do... stick together...

day by day said...

Oh, that is a tough one and one I am struggling with, too. Sometimes I think our reaction to the questions is probably more important than the actual words...if that makes sense. Those little eyes are watchin!

I always try to stay very positive and upbeat when I BRIEFLY answer the questions. You are very right about the fact that it is getting harder the older and more aware they are!

Ella is very bright and takes it all in! When someone asks where they are FROM, I re-word the question in my answer and proudly say, "my girls were BORN in China."

The twins/sisters questions has been tough. Of course we know that they are sisters in EVERY way possible! But we also know when strangers ask this question...they are really asking if they are biological sisters. They are not and one day that will be more of a reality to our girls. If I just answer yes to that question, will it come back to me when they are older?

So, my answer to that question has been, "they are now". And as always, I smile and walk away(when possible) so that more questions do not come along. lol!

Also...I was laughing about the tears when the fire is lit. Ella was a wreck when we took her last year because of that and I don't think we could get her back to one if we tried. : )

a Tonggu Momma said...

I love the "they are now" response. I plan to use that.

As for navigating the questions when little ears are not so little anymore, I cede rights to the Tongginator. I turn to her and ask, "would you like to answer this or have me answer this question?" If she says no, then I smile and say, "My daughter doesn't typically want to talk with strangers about such a personal matter."

Dawn said...

Oh yeah! They're sisters!!! Great post!