Friday, June 4, 2010

16 Candles....

Ah. Do you remember turning 16? Excited to get your license, perhaps a huge party, or something else equally cool?

Hmm…..I don’t remember doing any of that. I don’t even remember turning 16.

Yes, I must be that old. Seems to be a theme lately. Not a good sign.

When Katie turned 16, we had a huge party with lots of friends. Toss in the St. Patrick’s Day birthday, and it was definitely a big thing.

Let’s just say the adults participated in the theme in their own way. Ahem.

Alex turned 16 today. I can’t believe it.

We are now headed toward another driver (do I hear a yay and an oh my), one step closer to leaving the house, and one more reason for mom to feel over the hill.

He did not want a party. So….that money was put toward his present.

The kid is musically talented. It just amazes me. He can pick up an instrument and begin to pick a tune rather quickly.

So, he asked for a keyboard.

Uh…..we have a piano.

But mom, I can’t take that to my room.

Very true, very true.

The gift…..

as well as a buffet dinner at Golden Corral per request (ugh)

and cake at home

with family,

as well as the sister with the missing boyfriend playing baseball in Alaska,

and The Girlfriend

rounded out his day.

Happy 16th Birthday Alex!!!

(I won’t embarrass you and say anything else….)

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Jboo said...

Nice birthday celebration!! Sometimes another driver can be helpful . . . and other times, not so much! Sounds like a great b-day! Happy 16!