Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Banner Day

The day dawned bright and clear….the typical summer day here in the south. What to do, what to do?

Usually, our routine is eat, pool, home, eat, read/play, eat, read/tv, and bed. I love summer!

But today was slightly different. Today, I got to register my last child for kindergarten!

I know some of you are just sending your first one off to school and are teary-eyed about it. I was too….fourteen years ago when the oldest started kindergarten.

But this time??

If you listen closely, you can probably hear the cheering all the way from your house. Seriously.

And, now I will have both girls in the same school in the fall! One stop shopping.

After my quick registration, since I was so well organized (ha----so organized that I couldn’t locate Abby’s SS card and had to order another one), I had time to do lovely fun grocery shopping and hit the library.

You see, summer is here so I can read a book every other day or so. And since I’m heading to the beach with Katie on Saturday, I needed lots of words to read!

My kids think I’m crazy…..but I don’t care.

Now, if we don't hit the pool in the morning, we don't go at all because it is too hot. Yes, too hot to swim. So.....we had lunch and then a bribe.

“If you clean the playroom very fast, I will give you a surprise.”

Whoo hoo!

Fast cleaning, although a bit odd….not sure why there is so much nudity in the Barbie house.

And we were off for


so the girls could spend their Christmas money.

Yes, I know it is June, thank you very much.

Home to play with the new Polly Pocket toys while mom got to read.

Dinner of homemade pizza

rounded out our day.

A banner day for sure.

If you don’t count the teen drama.


Jesse, James and Lindsey's mom said...

sorry about having to order a ss card. We are not required to show those just a birth cert. Glad your summer is going well. Mine is busy as ever, spend it cleaning, driving, or did I say cleaning?

NeuroMama said...

Oh, come on! I want to hear about the teen drama.

Love the stack of books. I am loving life now that my three are old enough to finally entertain themselves long enough for me to read things that aren't essential (like professional journals-yuck).

Tara said...

yeah I think I want to hear about teen drama too... you know, since I do not get enough of that at my house.

I want to know which of those books are worth reading when you are done. Again, I will have so much time to read in the upcoming months.