Monday, July 6, 2009

Twelve Dollars of Fun

Ah, Monday. A fresh start of a new week. Thought we’d do our usual morning routine and head to the pool. After all, this is what we usually do.

But alas, the weather would not cooperate. No rain, but cloudy and overcast. Not ideal pool weather.

What to do instead? Library? No, just mom. Backyard? No, just girls. Shopping? No, not anyone!

What can we do together? And then it hit me. I have passes for free games of bowling for the girls. All I have to do is pay for shoes. Never mind the fact that the shoe rental is actually higher than the price of bowling. What’s up with that?

I round up clean socks for everyone and load us into the car. For the five minute drive to the bowling alley, I am assaulted with questions….

Why do we need socks?

Why can’t we wear sandals?

We have to knock down the paddles, right? No, the bats.

Do we get to keep the shoes?

Are you going to play bowling too?

We’ve done this before, right mom?

What color ball will I have?

What do the shoes look like?

You said bowling costs lots of money. Is it not much money today?

You’d think they had never been before!

We don our lovely yellow and orange shoes, corral our balls, and head off to lane seven. Watching them bowl was hysterical. They would either push the ball with all their might or sling it and hope for the best. Whew.

Twenty balls later for our ten frames, we were done. Actually, I got twenty-one balls due to my spare in frame ten but who’s bragging?

Shoes returned, march back to the car, talking about the next time we could come “play bowling.”

Pretty good for $12, huh?


Jboo said...

Bowling is always fun with kids -- such a riot to see the little ones try and handle the bowling ball!

Have a great week! Hope you get more pool time!


Carey-Life in the Carpool Lane said...

Sounds like a great outing (especially for $12)! And I love all the questions...sounds exactly like my oldest!

Lindsey's mom said...

Looks like fun!!! Oh what I would do for an outdoor pool!!! NOT happening in my neck of the woods.

NeuroMama said...

I have been looking for rainy day activities that don't involve crafting or baking. Bowling might be a good one, now that I know the girls aren't too young to do it.

Ah, summer!

Laura L. said...

Great photos. Those girls are just too cute. Glad you had so much fun - not bad for 12 bucks.

Faith, Hope, and Love said...

Great idea! Looks like fun! You are one nice mother to go thru all of that in one day. :)