Wednesday, July 15, 2009

On the road again.....

Monday morning dawned bright and early. Daddy headed to China via a stop at the office. We took off for a mom and kid adventure to Emerald Isle, North Carolina to see my sister and her boys. It is truly a mom and kid week as my brother-in-law is currently deployed to Iraq…..

Let me tell you….all plans are great, in theory! But after nine hours in the car with all four children, it’s a miracle I arrived safe and sound at my sister’s house with everyone intact. It was touch and go there for a while. Whew. Let’s just say that some kids were much less patient than others.

Are we there yet? Are we there yet? How many more minutes? Can I watch a movie? I’m hungry? Can we have lunch? Oh, we already had lunch? Can I have a snack? Are we there yet?

Whew. I just have to say that again as I remember the drive. And, I have to do it all again to go home. Ugh!

Tuesday morning we loaded up the truck and golf cart (Abby calls it the go-cart), and headed for the beach. My sister is so unlucky and lives only two blocks from the beach. Such a life, huh?

But picture this: the pick up truck loaded with a blow-up boat, many boogie boards, two surf boards, coolers, chairs, and the kitchen sink…..add to that a golf cart loaded with people and inner tubes and pulling a beach cart…..that would be us heading to the beach. The Beverly Hillbillies hit North Carolina. Seriously. It makes me laugh!

Ah, the beach. What could be better?

Abby is not overly fond of the ocean. She loves to splash in the waves but is not wild about going anywhere above her knees. She is very content to dig to her hearts content in the sand. But today, I did get her in the inner tube with me for about ten minutes riding the waves. Way to go Abby!

Anna Grace loves every aspect of the beach. She wants to dig in the sand, play in the water, and is pretty much a beach bum. She thrives being in the tube with Katie or even trying to boogie board. Aunt Karen took her out in the water today which was lots of fun! Although the pool is just a few steps away (okay, I’m exaggerating), she would rather play in the surf. She had so much sand IN her suit today that I had to cut a hole in the liner to get it all out. The girl loves the ocean.

Alex, the deep thinker, the “I don’t want to”, kind of kid is really having a good time. Evidently he’s not too cool to hang with his cousins or sisters. Whew. He is loving having the boat to flip, boogie boards to ride the waves, and tons of food to eat. Who wouldn’t love that? Today just wiped him out. He was trying to keep his “normal” hours at home so was up too late and, gee, mom woke him up early. Toss in all day in the sun and surf, he was gone.

Katie is our true beach bum. This is her third trip to a beach this summer. Must be nice to live the life of luxury, huh? But she has really enjoyed hanging with her cousins and brother, and playing with her sisters. She has ridden the boat, gone tubing with old mom, and taken Anna Grace boogie boarding.

But the best thing? Oh my. While boogie boarding yesterday, Katie rode a wave all the way to shore but then started yelling for me. What’s up? Evidently, she lost her bikini bottoms on the ride. Lost. Completely. Washed out to sea. Gone. My nephew ran and got a towel for her so she could leave the ocean. Now, can you imagine the look on someone’s face when those bottoms eventually wash up on shore? Makes me giggle!

And don't you think she looks like my sister???

Lunch has been spent around the cooler with crackers, cheese, meats, and fruit. Caveman much better can it get? Except maybe to not bring so much stuff with gets eaten but, golly gee, it's hard to pull the coolers!!

We have a few more days here before heading to Williamsburg to see my parents. I’ll try to break away from the waves to update you….but don’t count on it! Unless I get more sunburned than I did today. Then I’ll be homebound…..

But now I have SPF 50. I should be good……..


Tara said...

that is hilarious about Katie's bottoms! Looks like yall are having a great time down the road (a few hours) from us.

NeuroMama said...

I am so envious of your time at a warm beach. One where you don't go numb from the cold! Love the photo of Alex asleep and the story of Katie's missing bikini bottom.

Julie said...

You have sort of inspired me as I make the trek to see my sister in Rockford IL. According to google it is a 10-11 hour drive. I am stopping 1/2 way.

Lets strike a deal - I'll pray for your ride and you can pray for mine! It will just be me and the girls. Tripp has to work!

Margaret M said...

Don't break away from the waves. Updates can wait until you get home! (That way I won't look so bad)! Enjoy all this time with the kids. After reading your post, I thanked God for my good wee travelers. With 48+ hours in the car in the last 3 weeks, they did soooo well!

a Tonggu Momma said...

Keep wearing that SPF 50... seriously. And we'll be waiting to hear your updates when you get home. For now, enjoy the family, sun and sand (with sunscreen!).