Wednesday, July 22, 2009


After eight days away, we headed home to Georgia just a few short hours ago. Okay, more than twenty-four hours now but it feels like a short time. I’m old and tired----and will gladly admit it!!

Hey, any excuse for a nap, right?

I promised the kids they could help drive home. The drive north was hard since I was the only one driving. I have control issues so wouldn’t relinquish the steering wheel. I know, some of you are very shocked now.

Anyhow……we left Williamsburg headed for parts south. Now, I have not driven to or from Virginia in a long time. We keep trading in frequent flier miles instead. Much smarter move than driving which I soon realized when I discovered I had forgotten the way home.


I knew how to GET home but evidently missed the short cut to I-95 which would save me twenty minutes or more.

When I realized I was seeing sights not yet seen before, I handed the map to the kids and told them to check it out. Guess what? Neither could tell me where we were or if I was on the right road.

Again, wonderful.

Guess it’s time for a lesson in map reading.

After pulling off the road a few times to check the map myself and saying, NO it’s not time for lunch (at 9 am), NO we aren’t there yet, we were on the correct route. We were also able to enjoy a lovely tour of downtown Richmond so all was not lost.

Once we were on I-85 in southern Virginia, I let Alex drive. When Katie heard this, she yelled out….buckle up, we’re all gonna die!

Thanks for the reassurance, kid!

I had him double check the mirrors, brakes, etc. Once he was sure he was ready, he eased out into the non-existent traffic……thus the reason he was driving at this point. Within ten seconds he said, oh man, the parking brake is still on.

Mind you, we are going at least 50+ miles per hour while getting up to speed.

Way to make me feel confident.

For most of the trip, I saw this……

I will grudgingly admit that having the kids help drive home made my day easier. Even though I am a really bad passenger. Really bad. But I got to see interesting things.

And, we had our funnies too. Abby tied her feet together with a necklace and had to have it cut off. Yep, for real. We stopped at Wendy’s to get “Frozie’s”. A made up treat thanks to Katie---but now our punch line for snacks. (Poor daddy won’t get it). The huge shopping cart for……? Not sure on that one. Alex snoring in the back seat. Loud enough for us all to hear. Guess he had a rough week, huh? Anna Grace and her “are we there yet” routine. Perhaps not funny but……

Best of all…..we got to watch Alice and Wonderman on the way home.

We’re just cool like that.


Tara said...

map??? what is that?? invest in a GPS!!! haha...

I LOVE Katie... she cracks me up.

I hope my trip home tomorrow is as fun as yours was but I don't want the detours!!

Love the peach. I will have to take a picture tomorrow when we pass it.

Denise said...

My brother wants me to drive to Kentucky next weekend to see him. I don't think so. The drive to Nashville and back wasn't totally heinous but I'm not risking it. Besides, I don't think Emma would be the safest driver to relieve me.

Jboo said...

Fun times, but guess what -- we took the wrong way, even with a GPS -- yes it can happen! You have the cutest, funniest kids!


NeuroMama said...

It sounds like a memorable road trip, which is the very best kind. And, what's Alice and Wonderman?

Kristin said...

Alice and Wonderman is Abby-speak for Alice in Wonderland!

The Johnson 5 said...

I am so glad you all ahd a good trip. I'm not going to be a good passenger when its time either. I too have "control issues" shocking I know :)

1 more week girl and then its back to the big yellow bus! Can you believe it? Where did our summer go?