Sunday, July 19, 2009

Five Years Ago....

I am posting this a day late.....bad mommy. But, hey, our lives have been pretty full the past week or so!!

But on July 18, 2004, our lives changed forever...

Five years ago,
our little girl arrived,
handed over to strangers
and immediately cried.

So sad and confused
by the new place to be.
Who are these people
who keep talking to me?

But as the time passed,
she blossomed and grew
bringing smiles and laughter
to all that she knew.

Toss in lots of spunk,
mixed with laughter and giggles,
along with much naughtiness
and many, many wiggles.

Add dimples and cuteness
to that small little face
and a mouth always moving….
and that’s Anna Grace.

She is a delight
From her head to her feet
life with our baby
is always a treat.

Five years have gone by
too fast and too slow.
It was amazing to watch
our little Mei Zhen grow.

Our hearts have been touched
and lives filled with glee
all from this baby
who came ‘cross the sea.


Jboo said...

Such a sweet post to your Anna Grace! The years pass by so quickly, don't they! Have a great Sunday!


Mary said...

So sweet! Happy Forever Family Day!

Denise said...

Jenna's is July 18th too. It just occurred to me that we were probably in Guangzhou together!!! How crazy is that?

Margaret M said...

How Wonderful!!! Happy Forever Family Day!!!! Hugs to all!

day by day said...

Beautiful poem, Kristin!!!!

Hope you are all enjoying your summer...have a great week! : )

wingepr said...

So its late:
Happy Family Day